The pianist Binetti and his "cry for help": music for the planet

The pianist Binetti and his "cry for help": music for the planet

Pianist, musician and composer, Roberto Binetti has created an entire CD which he called "Piano B", an album dedicated precisely to recounting the difficulties, starting with the climate crisis, of our planet. In fact, with his music, the author aims to underline "the importance of man's footprint on the planet and his choices to enter into harmony with the elements and ask ourselves what we can do to save our Earth" recalls the artist . For us he chose a song, "Earth Song"which has the flavor "of a cry launched from the Earth, of an invitation to listen to its soul".

In the passage, in English, there are references to those four elements (air, water, earth and fire) with which we should all work to "enter into harmony". Then there are songs on the CD with titles that leave no doubts about Binetti's commitment to try, through music, to make us think: ranging from "Climate Change" to "From visible to invisible".

"The whole CD is dedicated to these themes - says a Green&Blue Binetti - and perhaps Earth Song is the most representative song. The problem with the Earth is that it always seems immutable and at our disposal to do what we want, but in reality it is not. For this reason, through music, as well as information, it is important to raise awareness of what is happening to our world".

Anyone can help convey the cry of the Earth and anyone, "in their own small way" explains the author, can do something important with their own behavior.

For example, the pianist undertakes to "consume as little as possible and use the right attention to recycling, to food, avoiding excesses of plastic or water consumption, up to electric vehicles that produce fewer emissions. Small virtuous behaviors where everyone, in the his little one, he can really lend a hand."

Furthermore, in his passage there is also a reference to one of the most cherished themes in environmental battles, that of inequalities, both climatic and social, which affect the world today.

To sing in Swahili a refrain is indeed Modou Gueyean artist who is now engaged in social work, "a friend I wanted to involve, a very interesting and active person with his International District Center here in Milan. Modou represents a voice of theAfrica, an area that pollutes little and pays a lot. She sings in Swahili and her homage is also a way to point out inequalities. In my opinion, art also serves to try to fly higher and it seemed right to me to insert this African parenthesis to send a message" explains Binetti.

We ask him too what it means from his point of view to be "Everyone for the Earth". "It means having the awareness that Mother Earth is our one and only Planet, that there really is no plan B. We must realize that our footprint has been heavy, that man is making disasters and a change is needed".

And could this change also come thanks to music?

"Certainly - concludes the composer - even in music we need to talk more about these themes. Luckily sometimes the lyrics talk about the climate crisis, nature, damage to the environment. But I think it is necessary to push further in this direction. If possible, also talk about stories, about what happens to us and do it looking a little further than one's nose: all this could be very useful to underline the need for urgent action to protect our planet".

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