the modified wings, the teamwork between pilots -

the modified wings, the teamwork between pilots -

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The championship has just begun but the Reds are already under pressure: penalized Leclerc called to help Sainz for pole, the role of technical updates on the fastest street circuit in the world

The music starts and is immediately interrupted, Leclerc must guess the song. "All that she wants" by Ace of Base.... Correct answer, on the sofa she rejoices like a pole. But here, on the fastest (and most dangerous) street circuit in the world - an average of 219 times per hour between the 27 corners, only 7 have braking points -, he won't be able to do it due to the 10 penalty positions linked to the change of control unit. You have to invent a magic to straighten a World Cup that started very badly.

He too repeats, like Vasseur, the refrain of the voices who want to destabilize the team. As if the problem were the rumors, and not the delay and frailty of the single-seater at its debut. He denies having had a private conversation with President John Elkann after the beating in Bahrain; he claims to feel motivated "to beast": I will try to make this weekend special. a binding promise given the situation, and even stronger is what he adds later: The goal hasn't changed, and to win the title. a reply to those who give it away with their heads elsewhere, to evaluate alternatives beyond 2024, the expiry date of the contract.

So far, the only thing that could stop Max Verstappen was an intestinal flu which forced him to delay his flight, which is expected on the track today. In what conditions who knows, but the exams do not concern him but Ferrari. This should go much better, explains Charles. But this time the pressure on the shoulders of Carlos Sainz, he has the opportunity to increase the lead in the standings over his partner. Maybe from the wall they could resort to team games to favor him in the fight for pole. Would Leclerc be ready to give him a hand with the trails? Yes and no: Definitely, but don't forget my ten positions. I have to think about advancing as much as possible. If it doesn't have a negative effect on my qualification, I will help him. He feels safe on the runway where twelve months ago a missile fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, hit a refinery a few kilometers away during practice. After all, F1 has 100 million good reasons to race here - the money of the organizers and those of the Saudi oil company Aramco, the main sponsor - catechized the pilots (all except Hamilton, who thinks completely differently) and obtained an increase in safety measures. Even if times have changed since 2022, a truce has been reached with the Houthis, and moreover Saudi and the great enemy Iran have re-established diplomatic relations with the mediation of China.

On the track, we have to see if Ferrari will really change, if the technical updates will work: a front wing to limit understeer, and the single pylon rear one - rejected at Sakhir because it flexed too much - modified in the attacks and designed to gain speed. The forecast of the ex Fernando Alonso, at 41 years of age, surprise of the championship on the Aston Martin: The strength of the Ferrari on the straight and on the fast corners. It will be competitive. You have to finish the races first, Charles was also strong in Bahrain and then...

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