the finger is all crooked -

the finger is all crooked -

Of Salvatore Riggio

During the friendly match between Galatasaray and Graz Nicol Zaniolo falls into a tackle and injures his left little finger. He screams in pain, but manages to continue the race blindfolded

Another bad injury for Zaniolo, but fortunately this time the knees have nothing to do with it, as instead happened on 12 January 2020 with the cruciate ligament rupture of the right knee (during the match against Juventus) and then with the knee ligament left in September 2020 with the national team shirt.

This time the former Roma player, in the friendly between his Galatasaray and Sturm Graz, after a tackle dropped with the weight on his hand and yes injured the little finger of the left hand. But the pictures from the race show how the finger is completely distorted and out of the normal position, dislocated at the very least. A painful injury.

Among other things, at first the playmaker seemed not to have realized the situation, but after looking at the hand he screamed in pain towards the bench, showing the little finger of the left hand dislocated from its normal position. However, the blue midfielder continued the match with a bandage on his hand. Now there is to understand that recovery path must undertake and if he is unavailable for some time.

For the record, the team coached by Okan Buruk was beaten by Sturm Graz 2-0: brace for Leon Grgic. Galatasaray had played another friendly last weekend against Csavskar, a team playing in the Hungarian second division, and Zaniolo had been the protagonist of the match for better or for worse. Because in addition to having signed a brace, the former Giallorossi had caused a stir on the pitch.

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