The crosses in the mountains, disinformation and the CAI

The crosses in the mountains, disinformation and the CAI


In recent days we have witnessed the heated debate that arose following two articles published on the online CAI portal “Lo Scarpone”, written by its editor Pietro Lacasella (you can find them here and here). Taking a cue from a conference that would shortly be held at the Catholic University of Milan on the theme of summit crosses, Lacasella proposed a reflection on the symbolic meaning that these elements of the mountain landscape had, have and may have in the future . The conclusion reached by the curator of Lo Scarpone is that, apart from the historical and anthropological importance of the crosses already placed on the peaks of the Alps, the decision to raise new ones should take into account the changed socio-cultural context and the need to protect the natural landscape, especially in the case of mammoth and invasive projects.

In the aforementioned articles the importance of the existing crosses is reiterated several times, as an integral heritage of our history and culture. The role of the CAI in keeping many existing crosses in good condition is also underlined. NEVER, at any point in the articles, do you hear polemical tones on the part of the author, as indeed is in the style of Pietro Lacasella, always attentive and sensitive in the topics he deals with, even the most controversial and thorny ones. And the attentive reader will also notice how in Lacasella’s writing the statement according to which the CAI would be willing to remove the summit crosses from the Italian mountains NEVER appears. The world of social networks, followed freely by various newspapers up to the national news, has instead, as often happens, overturned the meaning of Lacasella’s words, attributing to the CAI the will to eliminate the summit crosses. Following the first wave of misrepresentations, Lacasella published the second writing. Needless to say, he has been completely ignored by those who have now embarked on a crusade based on disinformation.

The crucifixion of reality

by Michele Serra

Indeed the controversy has widened even more involving – certainly not in favor of Lacasella – even the current Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanché and the Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini and causing a further tsunami of accusations and offenses against Ferrari, Lacasella and the CAI . The consequent position taken by the CAI presidency effectively distances itself from Lacasella and the Editorial Director Marco Albino Ferrari, further amplifying the unjustified criticisms addressed to them. As collaborators of the online portal of the CAI Lo Scarpone, we are struck by the story and in particular by how Lacasella’s words have been misrepresented and taken out of context. Not only that, we fail to understand why the CAI presidency has done nothing to defend those with passion and professionalism who deal with telling our mountains and our culture in a totally respectful way. We hereby want first of all to express our closeness to Pietro Lacasella and the Editorial Management. We also fully support Lacasella’s role as curator, who has spent so much energy renovating Lo Scarpone.

Finally, we hope that the CAI presidency will take a position that is autonomous and independent and not influenced by the misrepresentations that have been made since the articles of Pietro Lacasella. Indeed, we believe that it is unacceptable to bow to pressure and insinuations, thus moving away from the values ​​that should be the basis of a free association that operates in a democracy and which moreover owes its existence to those superb natural elements, the mountains, the very symbol of freedom. Until the CAI assumes a clear and transparent position, we will refrain from producing new content for the pages of the Lo Scarpone portal. Our collaboration stems from the desire to provide information, culture and dissemination together with the CAI, as well as to propose serious, interesting and respectful reflections such as those of Pietro Lacasella. Instead, we distance ourselves from any controversy and unjustified personal attacks, especially if, as in this case, they find no basis in the published contents.

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