The best TV series to watch in June, in pills

The best TV series to watch in June, in pills

TV series pills

The second season of the sequel to Sex and the City arrives on Sky, but it's not the only return from the summer aftertaste: Zerocalcare brings a new animated series to Netflix. There is also the Watergate case, told from a caustic and irreverent perspective

Gaia Montanaro

From a serial point of view, what appears before us would seem to be a somewhat exhausted June, with however some peaks – above all animated – and some returns with a disengaged and summery aftertaste.

The Idol

(Sky Atlantic, June 5)

Previewed at the Cannes Film Festival (the first two episodes), the Hbo series created by the creators of Euphoria tells the story of a young pop star (Lily -Rose Depp), in crisis after the death of her mother and recovering from a nervous breakdown that After his tour fails, he runs into a music impresario and night club manager with an ambiguous past and a shady present. Tedros, this is the man's name, will help the singer overcome a moment of difficulty but the feeling that arises between the two will bring with it unhealthy consequences. For savvy and unimpressed spectators.

Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget

(Amazon Prime Video, June 8)

The Jackal are back with a new series set in a communication agency where Ciro, Fabio, Fru and Aurora work. The four friends are grappling with "loser" brands and provincial influencers until the arrival of a new manager, a downgraded manager and therefore angry and eager to show her worth, will teach the group the value of their work, regardless of the huge crowds or appealing personalities.

This world won't make me bad

(Netflix, June 9)

Highly anticipated and surrounded by great expectations is the second animated series of Zerocalcare, after the (deserved) success of Tear along the edges. Also for this new story we find the characters dear to the cartoonist, including Armadillo, with the addition of some new entries including Cesare, a friend of Zero who also lives in the Rebibbia district and who has returned home after a period in the community . The dominant theme of the series is the search for and maintenance of one's identity in an increasingly complex and challenging reality. In Zerocalcare's story there is no lack of attention to certain social issues dear to the artist and that touch of poetic emotion that makes the series enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

The Crowded Room

(Apple TV+, June 9)

Ten-episode thriller series that follows the story of Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland), arrested following his involvement in a shooting in New York in 1979. His story is reconstructed through a series of interviews conducted by Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried) who will bring out the dark sides of Danny and the background of the event that happened. A story full of tension and well packaged, made up of few elements that is based on good writing and the amalgam between the characters.

White House Plumbers – Infiltrate the White House

(Sky Atlantic, June 11)

One of the leading stories of this June serial is undoubtedly the Hbo miniseries which tells the story of the Watergate case from a caustic and irreverent perspective. Starting with the lesser-known events that led to the explosion of one of the biggest scandals in American politics, the series follows the story of Nixon's political saboteurs E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux), respectively former CIA and FBI agents who were hired by the White House to investigate leaky Pentagon Paper news and who accidentally found themselves overthrowing the presidency they were supposed to protect.

And just like that

(Sky Series, June 23, Season 2)

The sequel to returns with a second season Sex and the City. Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte grapple, each in a different way, with the elaboration of past losses and heartaches. There will be new friends, flashbacks (in fact, the love between Carrie and Aiden is reborn) and guest stars such as Sam Smith and Gloria Steinem. In any case, the typical ingredients of the series will not be missing: flashy outfits, social life, sex and the perfect setting of New York.

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