Ternana Calcio passes from Unicusano to Pharmaguida

Ternana Calcio passes from Unicusano to Pharmaguida


Ternana Calcio changed hands. From the Unicusano of Stefano Bandecchi, president since 2017 and mayor of Terni since May 2023, to the Pharmaguida of Nicola Guida. The sale (closing for which is set for July 15th) was also necessary to avoid situations of incompatibility and potential conflicts of interest starting from the management of the Liberati stadium, owned by the local authority. The president of the Niccolò Cusano University brand, however, had recently had clashes and misunderstandings with the Umbrian fans.

The new property

Pharmaguida was born in December 2004 and is based in Pollica, in the province of Salerno. It operates in the pharmaceutical sector throughout Italy and in various foreign countries, creating innovative products for the health and well-being of the person through constant clinical research. More specifically, the company with a turnover of around 6.5 million euros in 2021 deals with the development, production, import and export in Italy and abroad of medicines for human and veterinary use, cosmetics, supplements and other products of the pharmaceutical sphere. Precisely in the context of clinical research, the company is carrying out various studies with the flagship molecule of its products: the patented lactoferrin distinguished by the VALPALF brand.

The founder

Nicola Guida, founder of Pharmaguida, sportsman, car driver in TCR Italy and a great football fan, has therefore decided to undertake this new challenge: «I am honored to take the field personally in Ternana, with the ambition to further grow the club and make its fans proud. I would also like to thank the Mayor of Terni, Stefano Bandecchi, for having left us a healthy club and for the work he has done at the helm of our beloved red-green team. Under his management, Ternana achieved important results carried out with great passion and dedication. We will continue the collaboration with Bandecchi, because the team’s successes are closely linked to the development of the city».

Research, sport and solidarity

Pharmaguida has always been attentive to the world of sport, scientific research and the combination of sport and solidarity, with its support for initiatives such as the Charity Bike Tour for research against cystic fibrosis alongside Matteo Marzotto and the XSport Challenge for Dynamo Camp Onlus with Jury Chechi, testimonial for Pharmaguida of the Xsport line. Furthermore, the entrepreneur has significant experience as an expert driver in TCR Italy, participating in competitions at a competitive level on the most prestigious Italian tracks.

The historic lawyer of Pharmaguida, Avv., managed the purchase of Ternana Calcio shares. Pieremilio Sammarco, full professor of comparative private law at the University of Bergamo, with law firm in Rome, expert in corporate law and sports law, also for having held roles at the FIGC for many years, including judge of the Court of Appeal .


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