Tamberi: “I didn't spoil any party. I'm waiting for a call from Mei from the Golden Gala"

Tamberi: “I didn't spoil any party.  I'm waiting for a call from Mei from the Golden Gala"

Gianmarco Tamberi he's not there, to pass as a spoilsport. He doesn't want to remain in the annals like those that ruined Italy's historic victory at the European team championship after 58 years. For this reason, the following day, leaving from the Krakow airport, he returned to the controversy over his failure to participate in the Golden Gala with the federal president Stefano Mei. "To say that my words have ruined what we have done seems a little out of place to me, because the history written in this European Cup is so important for Italian athletics compared to words that were a personal thing, which I could not say".

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Tamberi: "I'm waiting for Mei from the Golden Gala"

The Olympic high jump champion does not take a step back from the declarations following the victory in the Chorzow competition ("I wasn't even invited to the Golden Gala and I was sorry for that. Maybe my presence was not welcome"). Words that provoked the reaction of Mei ("Out of place at a time like this") and the meeting director Marco Sicari (“What he says is not true, this is all very sad. He received a very generous offer, and he didn't accept it”). On this line which does not provide discounts to the federation Tamberi increases the dose by addressing President Mei directly: “I have been waiting for a call from Mei since the day of the Golden Gala. On this topic you keep telling me “we need to talk”, but here in the European Cup we haven't done that."

Tamberi, gold and controversy at the European Games: "Not welcome at the Golden Gala". Mei: "Fall of style". Italy, first triumph in the European team championships

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La Torre: "All fans of the controversy, I'm not"

On the other hand, the coach of the European champion keeps a safe distance, Antonio La Torre: “Tamberi is my captain and he has to jump high, that's my job. I don't think about the controversy. There is an Italian athletics that was all passionate about the controversy, I try to keep away from it. I'm not interested in keyboard lions, I have another job".

Tamberi: "World gold the only one I'm missing"

The future goals of La Torre and the Italian national team also help to lower the tension at Tamberi, with the goal getting closer and closer to the World Cup in Budapest from 19 to 27 August: "It's the only match I'm missing from winning, then in 2024 there will be the European Championships at home and the Olympics, they've been stimulating me to death for two years, I really hope to reach my highest levels and go even higher. Paris 2024? I'm already shivering like in Tokyo". Mei also bows to Tamberi-champion, saying that she has done "an extraordinary feat because after more than nine months without competitions you came and won. But in a championship in which many athletes who will never win at the Olympics have been happy, the emblem remains Anna Bongiorno who picked up the baton that fell to the ground and set off again to get at least one point for the standings".

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