Student stabs teacher at school and threatens classmates

Student stabs teacher at school and threatens classmates

ABBIATEGRASSO - A 16-year-old student wounded a 51-year-old teacher in the forearm with a knife, in a high school in Abbiategrasso, the IIS Emilio Alessandrini in via Einaudi. The episode occurred at about 8.20, a few minutes after the students entered the classroom. The woman, whose name is Elisabetta Condò, also has a wound on her head, but her conditions are not serious: she was transferred in yellow code to the Legnano hospital where she was operated on for her forearm wound. The first prognosis speaks of lesions that can be healed in 35 days.

The entrance to the Iis Emilio Alessandrini

The boy, with a toy gun, he first ordered his classmates to leave the classroomwithout hurting anyone. Upon the arrival of the carabinieri, the boy did not resist leaving the pistol on the counter, clearly visible. The military seized a dagger with a blade of about 30 centimeters.

Abbiategrasso, student injures teacher. The principal speaks: "unexpected" episode

The 16-year-old also went to the emergency room in yellow code, but after the first tests at the San Carlo hospital in Milan he was transferred to the San Paolo neuropsychiatry department. The military are listening to the woman who gave an initial reconstruction of the facts. According to the first reconstructions, the teacher ran away to the bathroom to be safe.

Abbiategrasso, who is the boy who stabbed the teacher?

The minor, from a good family, attended the second year of the applied sciences high school, one of the courses of study provided by the Alessandrini institute: after failing in the first year of high school, two years ago, he had improved his grades. But as far as we know this year risked debt in Italian and history, precisely the subjects of the attacked teacher. He would also have received at least one note of misconduct from her in recent days, so much so that the boy's parents had been summoned to school for an interview in the next few days. This morning, shortly after entering the classroom, Professor Condò had announced to him that she would be questioning him in history precisely to make up for that insufficiency. Reason which, with the notes, could be at the basis of the attack: at that point the boy told his companions to go out and hit the teacher.

Professor attacked by a student, Ronzulli: "I've known her for 25 years, she loves her job"

The president of the senators of Forza Italia Licia Ronzulli says that she has known the teacher personally for some time: "The attack on Professor Elisabetta Condò, in a school in Abbiategrasso by a 16-year-old student, leaves bewilderment and concern. can leave the house to go to work and find themselves stabbed and on a hospital bed.This alarming episode requires all of us to reflect on the need to protect teachers who play a precious role with passion and commitment in the education of our children. a role also of great responsibility, because, after the family, teachers represent the second link in an educational chain that must prepare children for life. I express my closeness and solidarity with Professor Condò and her family. I am bound by feelings of great affection".

"Elizabeth, whom I have known for 25 years, has an infinite love for this work, a social commitment to complete and which goes beyond the sense of duty - she continues - It is essential to evaluate every intervention useful for guaranteeing safety within the institutions schools and a serene environment for teachers and students. At the same time, we cannot underestimate the discomfort of so many young people who need to be constantly followed in their growth path. For this reason, I agree with the words of Minister Valditara on the need to introduce the figure of the psychologist at school. It is our duty to work on prevention so that similar dramatic episodes never happen again. If I know Elisabetta, once she comes out of the operating room, she will ask for news of the boy who attacked and injured her".

The alarm for a student with a gun and a rush to the hospital

At first the call for help spoke of a shooting, then denied by witnesses. "Referred dynamics - reads a press release from the Areu - a shooting is initially reportedfollowing a finding on the spot, assault with a white weapon is confirmed".

A red code was opened for the professor which became a yellow code, when the doctors found that the woman's conditions were not serious, even if she still needed surgery.

Education Minister Valditara: "Disturbing fact amidst these bullying episodes"

"Today I will also go to Abbiategrasso due to this fact that happened a little while ago. After the experience of Covid, bullying episodes are multiplying, precisely because the interpersonal relationship that is fundamental in educational development has been interrupted". This was stated by the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara, today in Rho Fiera for a conference on life sciences.

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