Sivasspor-Fiorentina 1-4, Viola in the quarterfinals of the Conference League. White hit on the pitch by a fan

Sivasspor-Fiorentina 1-4, Viola in the quarterfinals of the Conference League.  White hit on the pitch by a fan

SIVAS - The initial thrill but then the character, the reaction, the head. There Florentine won 4-1 in Turkey against Sivasspor and legitimized the passage to the quarter-finals of conference league. The small advantage acquired in the first leg with Barak's goal and then the 4-1 at home. Yesilyurt's goal in the 35th minute had deceived the home team, in a sold out stadium for the occasion. But Fiorentina didn't throw themselves down and at the end of the first half they equalized with Cabral's goal in front of goal. Number 12 this season. In the second half, all anxieties were gone, with Milenkovic's goal from a corner kick, he headed ahead to anticipate the opposing defense, which also seals the lead in match number 200 for the Serbian in the purple shirt. Then the third Viola goal which however is a sensational own goal by Goutas who sends his header into his own goal. In the middle also the red trimmed to Arslan from Calpita for a senseless kick to Mandragora. And then Castrovilli's goal, that of 4-1, with a beautiful right-footed shot at the end.

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Fiorentina is ready to celebrate but in the final everything happens. Two Turkish fans invade, one of them finds the Viola midfielder on his way White and punches him hard from close range. White loses blood, is treated, will leave the field furious for what happened. The Turkish fan leaves the stadium escorted by two policemen. There could be heavy repercussions from UEFA, with the police in riot gear guarding the players' exit towards the tunnel leading to the changing rooms. The Viola celebrate, they are in the quarterfinals of the Conference and can continue to dream.

Cabral answers Yesilyurt

A challenge from inside or outside, with a view to the quarter-finals. Fiorentina are trying to get to the end of the competition but find Sivasspor on their way, who are not doing well in the league and who, however, are betting all their hopes in Europe. Those of a historic qualification for the quarterfinals of a European competition, which would be an absolute novelty for the Turkish team in its history. In the 4th minute Caicedo tries a shot from distance, just wide. Then the Viola reply with Dodò who from the right puts in a cross for Cabral: a shot by the Brazilian just wide. In the 14th minute, Charisis was injured and Ulvestad entered the field instead of him. Long teams and the Viola coach, Italian, who tries the tactical change by moving Gonzalez to the right with Ikonè on the left. It will be a key situation during the race. In the 35th minute, however, Sivasspor took the lead, with a sudden and elusive blow from Yesilyurt who mocked Terracciano from the trocar with a ball into the top corner. Turkish fans celebrating, in an almost sold out stadium. But the Viola do not break down and argue. In the 44th minute Gonzalez flicks from the right, the Argentinian duets with Bonaventura and then tries his shot in front of goal: Vural gets there but can't do anything about Cabral who repeats on the net as a true striker. It is his twelfth of the season, number five in the Conference League. The first half ends with a draw.

White after being attacked by a fan (Reuters)

Milenkovic closes the qualification speech

At the end of yet another corner kick from Mandragora, Fiorentina took the lead. We're in the 62nd minute and the Serbian heads off in an excellent way, anticipating his opponents and pushing the Viola forward. In the second half, also thanks to Fiorentina's goal, the pace slowed down and Sivasspor was unable to restart. Thanks also to the Italian team, which raises the center of gravity and makes the game its own. There would be opportunities, also to make the end of the match less agitated. In the 67th minute Ikonè goes to the left and puts in from the baseline, with Vural bungles and almost deflects into his goal: Cabral doesn't take advantage of it and the action vanishes. Then in the 79th minute the sensational duck from defender Goutas who headed into his own net, catching goalkeeper Vural unprepared after recovering from Ikonè's attempt. In the 82nd minute, instead, the red light aimed at the captain Arslan for a kick given to Mandragora: a disproportionate reaction by the Sivasspor captain and rightly punished by the match director after the check at the Var. Then the seal of Castrovilli, beautiful, in the 90th minute with a right turn. But on the exultation of the Viola number 10, everything happens, with an invading Turkish fan punching Bianco from close range, who is treated and leaves the field visibly furious. The match ends like this, with many substitutions and the satisfaction of the Viola. They're in the quarterfinals, they can keep dreaming.

Sivasspor-Fiorentina 1-4 (1-1)
Sivasspor (4-3-3): Vural; Paluli (31' st Yatabarè), Appindangoyé, Goutas, Ciftci; Arslan, Cofie (21' st Leke James), Charisis (15' pt Ulvestad); Saiz (31' st Gokay), Caicedo (21' st Njie), Yesilyurt. (16 Kuckar, 25 Yildirim, 26 Musa, 58 Erdal, 96 Albayrak). Herd Calimbay.
Florentine (4-2-3-1): Terracciano; Dodò, Milenkovic, Fourth (21' st Igor), Ranieri; Amrabat (39' st Bianco), Mandragora; Ikoné, Bonaventura (39' st Castrovilli), Gonzalez (39' st Saponara); Cabral (39' st Kouamé). (56 Sirigu, 31 Cerofolini, 23 Venuti, 32 Duncan, 72 Barak, 7 Jovic, 77 Brekalo). All.:
Referee: Dabanovic (Montenegro).
Networks: in the pt 35' Yesilyurt, 44' Cabral; in the st 18' Milenkovic, 33' Ghoutas (auth.), 44' Castrovilli.
Corners: 7-3 for Fiorentina.
Recovery: 3' and 6'.
Expelled: at 36' st Arslan for foul play.
Ammonite yourself: Ghoutas for protests, Quarta, Ulvestad for foul play, Milenkovic and Erdogan for mutual improprieties.
Spectators: about 20,000.

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