Serie B, crazy Cagliari: from 0-2 to 3-2 with Parma in the first leg of the playoffs

Serie B, crazy Cagliari: from 0-2 to 3-2 with Parma in the first leg of the playoffs

CAGLIARI - The Cagliari flip the Parma and sees the final of the playoffs of series B against one between Sudtirol and Bari. Sensational comeback of the Sardinians at the Unipol Domus in the first leg semifinal. Two goals down at half-time, the team of Claudio Ranieri he sensationally overturned it in the last minutes with a wild one Luvumboauthor of a brace and quick to get the penalty of the momentary draw of Lapadula. It ends 3-2 and now the rossoblu can play for two results in the return match at the Tardini, scheduled for Saturday 3 June. Buffon and his companions, on the other hand, will be forced to win in order to be able to dream again of the top flight.

The choices of Ranieri and Pecchia

Ranieri, as always, never ceases to amaze. Azzi, Rog and Pavoletti are back as captains. The Rossoblu number 30 had already hurt the ducals in the first leg when the match ended 1-1. For the rest confirmations in defense for the central couple Dossena-Altare. Nandez and Makoumbou are also very confirmed in the midfield, with Lapadula in front. Pecchia relies on Osorio who, with Cobbaut will try to stop the rossoblu attacking duo. Estevez and Bernabé to screen in front of the defence. In attack the trident Zanimacchia (preferred to Man), Sohm and Benedyczak behind Vazquez, 11 goals and 7 assists for him with a regular season finale to remember.

Serie B, Sudtirol-Bari 1-0 in the first leg of the play-off semifinal: Score Rover in the 92nd minute

by Jacopo Manfredi

One-two Parma

Parma started strong immediately and after 10 'they took the lead with a right foot from Benedyczak at the end of a good choral action born on the left with Koulibaly. A few minutes later the ducals break through again on Zappa's side, but this time Vazquez doesn't take advantage of the chance in front of Radunovic by kicking on the back. Cagliari tries to react, picks up the pace, loses its balance and in the 26th minute, after trying to equalize with a shot from outside Mancosu that Buffon blocks in two stages, suffers a 0-2 draw from Sohm which freezes Unipol Domus. Rossoblu split in two, Estevez advances to the edge of the area then serves the Swiss who takes out Zappa with a fake and Radunovic hole at the near post. After half an hour Mancosu tries again, this time with a free kick, but Buffon deflects for a corner. In the final Pavoletti looks for the solution from outside by kicking high.

Luvumbo does it himself

Back on the field there is no Buffon, Chichizola in his place, while Ranieri tries to reawaken his team with Deiola and Luvumbo entering the field. And it is precisely the Angolan who splits the game in two. The first chance of the second half, however, belongs to the Crusaders who go close to trio with Vazquez, with Radunovic careful to close well at the near post. In the 68th minute, however, the match changed completely. Nandez steals the ball from Cobbaut in the area, crosses at the far post where Luvumbo volleys from Chichizola. The 21-year-old from the youth sector does not limit himself, however, to reopening the match, because with seven from the 90th minute he gets the penalty that Lapadula converts (25th goal of the season). The Domus is a bedlam and pushes its heroes towards the winning goal. At the end, Luvumbo again, collects a short rebound in the area by Juric and with his weak foot he kicks under seven making the stadium explode. 5' of added time is not enough for Parma to resume a match they had in hand only 45' before and which now risks putting an end to the ducals' return to Serie A.

CAGLIARI (4-3-1-2):
Radunovich; Zappa (69' Di Pardo), Dossena (69' Goldaniga), Altare, Azzi; Nandez, Makoumbou, Rog (46' Deiola); Mancosu (62' Viola); Pavoletti (46' Luvumbo), Lapadula. Coach: Ranieri.
PARMA (4-2-3-1): Buffon (46' Chichizola), Delprato, Osorio, Cobbaut, Coulibaly; Bernabé, Estevez (46' Juric); Zanimacchia (43' Bonny), Sohm (58' Man), Benedyczak (68' Mihaila); Vasquez. Coach: Pecchia.
REFEREE: Columbus of Como.
MARKERS: 10' Benedyczack (P), 26' Sohm (P), 68' Luvumbo (C), 85' Lapadula rig (C), 89' Luvumbo (C).
NOTE: Recovery 0', 5'. Booked: Estevez, Vazquez, Chichizola, Mihaila. Expelled: Pecchia. Spectators 16,110. Collection: €390,598.

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