Quiroga, the writer from the end of the world

Quiroga, the writer from the end of the world

The first traumas as a child in Uruguay, the escape from Paris and Buenos Aires to cultivate an Eden in the forest. His stories made school, but fate haunted him until the tragic epilogue

In 1903, the Argentine writer Leopold Lugones organizes, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, an expedition to the wild territory of Misiones, in northern Argentina. He must document the state of conservation of the missions of San Ignacio, founded in the seventeenth century by the Jesuits and buried in the rainforest since King Charles II of Spain decreed the expulsion of the religious order. The undertaking is by no means simple, it involves going up the Paranà river, disembarking at Posadas and continuing on the back of a mule making your way with machetes up to the spectacular Iguazu Falls (remember the film Mission with Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons..? that's the scenario).

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