Publishers: a new president to replace Levi in ​​the autumn

Publishers: a new president to replace Levi in ​​the autumn

The Presidential Committee of the Italian Publishers' Association, which met today, started the procedures for identifying the new president who will be elected at the next elective assembly scheduled for the month of September. Ricardo Franco Levi will remain in office until the election of his successor: it has now reached its natural expiry.

Ricardo Levi: "I was wrong about Rovelli but I just wanted to avoid new political controversies"

Mario Baudino

Another thing however is that Levi had resigned a few days ago from the role of extraordinary commissioner of the government for Italy, a country that is the guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2024. This figure will be identified as soon as possible. Levi had communicated his renunciation of this role through a letter to the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano. His resignation was triggered by the news published by «Libero» according to which Levi would have assigned the communication for Italy of the event to a Belgian company, IFC Next, in which his son Alberto works. Controversy following the embarrassment unleashed by the case of the exclusion of the physicist Rovelli (later remedied with an invitation) from the Frankfurt Fair.

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