Piazza di Siena, André Thieme wins the Rome GP. Guadiano eighth, Ciriesi ninth

Piazza di Siena, André Thieme wins the Rome GP.  Guadiano eighth, Ciriesi ninth

ROME — A German knight has captured the Italian capital. Andre Thiemereigning European champion who mounted the horse DSP Chakariawon the Grand Prix of Rome in Piazza di Siena, the individual event with a total prize money of 500,000 euros which closed the ninetieth edition of the four-day equestrian show jumping event. Two clear routes for Thieme, 42''64 the time with which she concluded the route of the second heat. According to the Swedish Jens Fredricson on Markan Cosmopolit (45''19, also without penalties), bronze for the Brazilian Stephan de Freitas Barcha on Chevaux Spring Montana Egyptian Empire (47''46, zero errors). Germany in the roll of honor of the Rome GP rises to 12 victories, third behind Italy's 23 and France's 20.

Italy brought to the second heat, the final test, two of its seven athletes present among the 50 at the start: Emanuel Gaudiano on Chaloueighth at the finish, and Frances Ciriesi on Cape Coral, not at. It was the blue rider who came closest to victory, knocking down the last of the obstacles of the course designed for the second heat, which was shorter, more technical and faster than that of the first. A displeasure roar from the large audience present at Villa Borghese. Ciriesi closed his GP with 4 penalties per heat. Gaudiano on the other hand, after a clear run in the first round, scored eight penalties at the start of the final lap, immediately making the possibility of a medal fade away.

Piazza di Siena, it's the day of the Rome Grand Prix: on the field to experience the route

Out after the first heat, however, five Italian riders: Antonio Maria Garofalo on Conquestador24th with 5 penalties in 75''36, Giampiero Garofalo on Max Van Lentz Schrans26th with 6 penalties in 76''75, Lorenzo DeLuca on Carlson 8638th with 12 penalties in 72''46, Massimo Grossato on Cash du Pratel39th with 12 penalties in 73''17, e Riccardo Pisani on Charlemagne Jt Z45° with elimination.

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