«Our offer rejected by Ferrero»- Corriere.it

«Our offer rejected by Ferrero»- Corriere.it

The anger of Matteo Manfredi and Andrea Radrizzani in front of Massimo Ferrero's no for the sale of Sampdoria: "No incomprehensible"

Massimo Ferrero declined the offer to purchase the Sampdoria submitted by I manage Capital and Aser Group. "An incomprehensible no that jeopardizes the immediate future of the club, but that doesn't stop our will to pursue our goal and give Sampdoria a brilliant future." I am to say it Matteo Manfredi and Andrea Radrizzani. According to the latest rumors, the offer made to the Rosan Trust (i.e. a Ferrero) which controls the shares of Samp is less than 30 million, while the request is about 33 to guarantee two composition procedures. Manfredi and Radrizzani continue to speak with the Trust and hope to reach a positive solution by tonight, when the shareholders' meeting will take place.

«It is essential to act quickly - explains Andrea Radrizzani, Chairman and Founder of Aser Group - since every day of waiting involves delays and the consequent danger of penalties for the club. Sampdoria risks suffering a loss of points or even not being entered in the competitions. Therefore, it is imperative that all parties involved focus on the common goal of securing a strong future for the club. We are truly sorry and disappointed that our offer has been exploited to satisfy the needs of others or to reopen negotiating tables. We want to underline that we have worked tirelessly, in a discreet and respectful way for the management and the team, to ensure the continuity of this club. Our commitment is guided by the passion for football and the desire to bring positive results. There is profound pride in making our experience and reputation available, having chosen to invest and put our face in Genoa».

May 29, 2023 (change May 29, 2023 | 1:11 pm)

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