Onana, Inter sell him to Manchester United for 50 million - Corriere.it

Onana, Inter sell him to Manchester United for 50 million - Corriere.it

Of Andrea Serene

Aid to England to close the deal. Cameroon goalkeeper Onana, who arrived for free from Ajax, was able to win the competition with Handanovic. Now he can leave, a necessary capital gain for Lukaku and Frattesi

The added value. Symbol of a journey, photograph of a team that has erased hasty prejudices on the pitch. Andr Onana the backup goalkeeper who forced Inzaghi to put aside the Handanovic totem. The key word is personality, the one that the man who arrived in silence from Ajax showed. An example: before every match in Inter's glittering European career, Onana appeared in front of the TV microphones and sounded the charge: We can do it, courage. Emotional and technical leader.

After the final against City, Pep Guardhouse explained why his team struggled so much in Istanbul: difficult to play against a goalkeeper like this: he sees the free man, reads the movements of Barella and Calhanoglu and always finds them. It would have been easier without him. The direct consequence: Manchester United ready to put 50 million euros on the plate for Onana, an offer impossible to refuse for the Nerazzurri club. Sporting director Piero Ausilio is in England (also) in these hours to close the deal.

Who would have thought, even just a few months ago, that the prized piece of the Inter transfer market would have been the goalkeeper taken on zero by Ajax, in general skepticism and after a troubled year. First the nine-month disqualification for doping - for mistakenly taking a drug bought by his wife - then the 38-year-old Pasveer who steals his job. When he landed in Milan last summer, few believed he could make a difference. Or even just play starter. Inzaghi handled it carefully: at first he fielded Onana only in the Champions League, then the difference with Handa became clear. From the away match with Sassuolo on 8 October, the Cameroonian took over Inter's goal and never left it.

Many saves, some decisive. Courage, in outings and in the way of understanding the role. Driver, capable of responding with a bad face to Dzeko during the eighth with Porto and then closing the matter at the final whistle: the adrenaline of the pitch. The important thing is to win. But what makes it unique is the ability to play the ball. A playmaker between the posts, the factor that sent City's pressing into a tailspin. A special quality.

Erik Ten Hag remembers him well, who coached him at Ajax and now wants to bring him to United. The British offer should be close to 50 million. The hope of the Nerazzurri club to close with bonuses at 60. It is too important to raise cash (and budget a substantial capital gain) and find the resources to recover Lukaku and fight with Milan for Frattesi. There are two ways to replace the Cameroonian: the first, low cost, leads to Sommer, an expert Swiss goalkeeper that Bayern could lend out; the second, in perspective, sees the number 1 of the future in the Georgian Mamardashvili. A new blow to Onana: Inter hope so.

June 27, 2023 (change June 27, 2023 | 07:25)

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