«More excited here than in Sanremo»- Corriere.it

«More excited here than in Sanremo»- Corriere.it

Of Pierfrancesco Catucci

After the experience in Turkey and the third Champions League win, Paola Egonu lands at Vero Volley Milano to aim for the Scudetto.

Two Scudetto finals in the last two championships and the goal of taking yet another step to one side. Already three Champions Leagues in his career at the age of 24, a "growth" season in Turkey and the desire to return to play in the Italian championship and in Milan in which his volleyball history was born with the Club Italia shirt. The streets of True Volley Milan and Paola Egonu they officially meet after the announcement of the blue opponent on the sidelines of the last European final won ten days ago in Turin.

«I can't wait to start again here – his first words at the presentation event of the teams of the Vero Volleyball consortium -. It is an honor for me to return to Milan, where I started with Club Italia and having played against this team so many times. They are here to do great things together. I'm very excited and I'm not looking at the goals now. Definitely try to win, but above all have fun, create a good group and involve more and more kids.
I assure you that I am excited, almost more than on the Sanremo stage

A shared emotion too by the president Alessandra Marzari: «Paola, like all highly talented athletes, has great power which, if well organized and directed, goes beyond technical ability and performance. In the case of athletes, talent is evident at a young age and often everything it brings with it has to be channeled because sometimes they have not yet acquired the right maturity to handle it. We are here for this, to take care of their path». "And I am in your care," Egonu replied.

She, one of the strongest players in the world, but also a character who goes beyond the world of volleyball. You want for the performances with which he has led his teams to important titles (the most recent being the 40 points in the Champions League final with the Vakifbank Istanbul shirt, but also the European Championship won in September 2021 and the bronze medal in the summer last year), but also for his own worldly outingsfrom the showcase offered to her by Giorgio Armani, of which she is testimonial, to her participation in the last Sanremo Festival which followed a few days after a harsh story on the episodes of racism that saw her as a protagonist as a child in her Cittadella (where she was born from Nigerian parents).

Paola Egonu is the diamond around which the president Alessandra Marzari and her husband Aldo Fumagalli (his «majority shareholder», as he likes to call him) have built a team that already in the past season began a transition process that from this year he will take her to play many more games at the Allianz Cloud in Milan. The objective, as well as purely sporting in nature, is to continue to develop a work on the basis that can have an even wider catchment area and can see in Paola Egonu a kind of polar star to bring even more girls closer to the world of volleyball.

May 30, 2023 (change May 30, 2023 | 1:39 pm)

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