Monza, retreat as it once was: regenerating baths in the stream and running in the woods

Monza, retreat as it once was: regenerating baths in the stream and running in the woods

WOODEN BRIDGE - Modern training programs, but ancient methods. Monza, on a retreat between Ponte di Legno and Temù in the province of Brescia, alternates sessions in the gym and field work with the retreat repertoire of the past, from bathing in the stream for muscle recovery, to running in the woods along the paths.

Altitude training

Last season coach Raffaele Palladino took the team from Brianza with only one point after six games and brought them to eleventh place. An almost unimaginable result for a club that had never played in Serie A in its history. Now, to repeat itself, he imposes a Real Madrid-like work rate on the group. As in Valdebebas, the legendary sports center of the blancos, at the Tamù training centre, at an altitude of almost 1,200 metres, training sessions last up to two hours.

Thousands in the stands

The Monza public appreciates it. At the first friendly match against Nuova Camunia, won 11-0 last Saturday 15 July, there were a thousand fans in the stands. Several hundred were in the stands and meadows last Wednesday too, when Real Vicenza took to the field against Monza. Final result, 5 - 0. The idol of the fans seems to be the 29-year-old midfielder Roberto Gagliardini, who arrived from two years at Inter in which he played little and got a few whistles. “Now a new experience begins for me and I'm happy to be here,” he said. And it shows.

The friendlies and the new sponsors

Monza's training camp includes other friendlies: on Saturday 22 July at 4.30 pm it will be Giana Erminio's turn, while on Sunday 23, the last day of training camp, it will be the turn of Vis Pesaro at 4.00 pm. In addition to showing off the new shirts, presented by the managing director Adriano Galliani, the Monza team also announced the renewal of important sponsorship contracts with Lotto, Motorola, U-Power and Dellorto. Among the commercial partners comes Pulsee, an energy company whose logo will appear on the players' backs. The collaboration with the Boggi clothing company will also be officially announced in a few days.

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