Monza-Cremonese 1-1: Ciofani deceives the grey-reds, Carlos Augusto joins them

Monza-Cremonese 1-1: Ciofani deceives the grey-reds, Carlos Augusto joins them

The Lombard derby between Monza and Cremonese ends 1-1: the 38-year-old Daniel Ciofani decides it, always decisive in the entrances in the race, and Carlos Augusto. The Brazilian, in his fifth hit of the season, demonstrates once again why his big names have set their sights on him. However, the joys of the individuals are meager consolation for the two teams: the glass is half empty for the Brianza players, who miss too many occasions, and an almost useless point for the guests in the race for salvation.


Everything happens before the eyes of Adriano Galliani and Ariedo Braida, strategic consultant of the Grigiorossi and approached right to the Brianza for next season. In the first half the chances are all from Monza: Petagna first with a header and then with the winger for Izzo neutralized by Carnesecchi. Again Izzo, top right, in the 19th minute gets up in the middle for Carlos Augusto's diving header on which Carnesecchi flies into the bottom corner to say no. Petagna tries again with the left foot that lands on Vasquez's back. Monza is "eclectic", copyrighted by Palladino: Sensi and Pessina back and forth in three-quarters with alternating movements close to the striker.

La Cremonese, on the pitch with the celebratory shirt without logos, sponsors and names on the shoulders for its 120th birthday, changes halfway through the first half and takes sides with the 5-3-2. A move that works and you have to wait for the last regulation to see another feat by Carnesecchi on Ciurria, caught by Petagna, which then fails on the rebound. A lot of pace and a lot of Monza, but no goals. Ballardini plays Ciofani and Castagnetti on the substitution and in the first 10' the players repay him with four shots towards Di Gregorio. Two thirds into the match, Machin loses the ball outside the area, Galdames unleashes the two new grafts, with Castagnetti good at swerving for Ciofani who makes it 0-1.

Monza takes it back in the 24th minute: movement from one winger to another, Ciurra takes the back and cuts the area finding Carlos Augusto's left foot for the equalizer. 10' from the end Monza could place the overtaking: blow from Frog, Carnesecchi rejects short and Gytkjaer misses the tap-in. Colpani also tries at the end, with a header that deflects Mota's assist too high from close range.

Monza-Cremonese 1-1 (0-0)
MONZA (3-4-2-1):
Di Gregorio, Caldirola, Marì, Izzo (20'st Ranocchia), Ciurria, Pessina, Machin (20'st Antov), ​​Carlos Augusto, Sensi (32'st Colpani), Caprari (20'st Mota Carvalho), Petagna (32 'st Gytkjaer). All. Palladino.
CREMONESE (3-5-2): Carnesecchi, Aiwu, Bianchetti, Vasquez, Sernicola (1'st Castagnetti), Pickel (40'st Ferrari), Galdames (17'st Benassi), Meitè, Valeri, Okereke (19'st Dessers), Tsadjout (1st Ciofani ). all.
Ballardini Referee: Giuia from Olbia
Networks: in the st 16' Ciofani, 24' Carlos Augusto
Booked: in the pt Pessina, Izzo and, Sernicola for foul play, in the st Dessers, Pickel and Castagnetti for foul play, Bianchetti (C) for protests
Corners: 8-4 for Monza
Recovery: 1' and 5'
Notes: 12,797 spectators for a collection of 258,352.46 euros

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