Milan, budget of 80 million on the market (but we need to sell). Summit with

Milan, budget of 80 million on the market (but we need to sell).  Summit with

Of Monica Colombo and Carlos Passerini

Having won qualification for the next Champions League, the Rossoneri are aiming to strengthen themselves: midfielder Kamada is on the way. In the viewfinder Asensio and Berardi

The future now. Having achieved the Champions League, the minimum goal of a season that began with the goal of the second star but continued amid too many ups and downs, Milan can breathe a sigh of relief and look forward with renewed enthusiasm. But above all with an awareness: some mistakes will not be repeated.

After the success against Juventus which led to the qualification for the big cup for the third consecutive year, Stefano Pioli did not hide: If we want to compete on two fronts, we need to strengthen the squad. He's right: this year's lesson shouldn't be wasted, facing the league and the Champions League with only 13-14 players who are really up to it was a gamble. The too many mistakes on the summer transfer market have been joined by some very heavy injuries, such as that of the formidable Maignan: his five-month absence cost them dearly.

In all of this, Pioli did a great job: it's only right that the club strongly reaffirmed their esteem and trust. Now, however, we need to build a squad that is perhaps less extensive - 20 players are not needed, if a third are not at the required level - but more structured, especially in the second lines. The priorities are in midfield and attack. At the end of the championship, the board of directors will define the budget, even if considering the amount invested last summer and the revenues received from UEFA thanks to the journey in the Champions League, the sum available it will not be less than 50 million.

Indeed, thanks to the farewells that are expected to be numerous, the proceeds from sales (the aim is around thirty million, including savings on salaries) could be reinvested to fix the squad. They will greet Tatarusanu, Dest, Vranckx, Rebic, Origi, Mirante, Adli, Ballo Tour and most probably Ibrahimovic.

Reflections in progress on De Ketelaere. Diaz will only be retained if Real agrees to lower the 22 million transfer fee. Then a striker, two midfielders and a right winger will be needed. After Sportiello's free agent from Atalanta, the next deal concerns Kamada, the Japanese attacking midfielder leaving Eintracht with his contract expiring. Then the Devil's managers hope that the maxi-shopping that Chelsea is carrying out will help lower the price for Loftus-Cheek.

Attackers chapter: different profiles are studied, such as Openda del Lens (promising but costs 30 million)Arnautovic who will leave Bologna in case Thiago Motta stays, and Morata who has prohibitive costs of engagement. The options as a right winger are suggestive: they like Asensio who will not stay in Madrid but is now earning 6 million. And Berardi of Sassuolo, already courted in the past. At the moment, the track leading to Zaniolo is to be discarded. But the summer is long and the market has yet to start.

It cannot be ruled out that the owner of RedBird, Gerry Cardinale, will be present at the last match on Sunday at the San Siro against Verona. The goal is third place, which brings 5 ​​million more than the fourth (21.8 against 16.7) but also a plus in self-esteem, which would allow us to look at Juventus' (decisive) penalty in another way. In short: it's right to be there on Sunday, to celebrate the happy ending of a thriller year, but also to immediately plan for the future. There is much to discuss on the table. Budget, skills, Maldini's powers, market strategies. The future now. And don't wait.

May 30, 2023 (change May 30, 2023 | 07:13)

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