Mexico, coach killed during an amateur match -

Mexico, coach killed during an amateur match -

Of Salvatore Riggio

In Mexico, in Ciudad Obregon, an amateur tournament match ended in tragedy: armed individuals entered the field and killed a coach. Live drama

A tragedy shakes Mexican football. It all happened during the night of Thursday 20 and Friday 21 July. During a amateur meeting in Ciudad Obrgon, Sonora State, one of the two coaches was killed. Those responsible are a group of armed individuals who in action during the race mortally wounded one of the technicians.

The tragedy occurred in a sports facility in the Cajeme district. In the middle of the match, around 21:20 local time, the 44-year-old coach Jorge Alberto was hit by a volley of bullets. Not only. To make everything more macabre was the fact that the murder was captured on video. In fact, the match was broadcast live on social media by one of the two teams on the pitch, the Gamesa Union. In March 2022 another tragedy had struck Mexican football. In the match between Queretaro and Atlas, the two fan clubs created one brawl in the stands of the Corregidora stadium. Around the 60th minute, with the visitors leading by a goal, tempers in the stands had overheated and then erupted into violence. The authorities had opened the gates that separate the field from the stands to allow families to enter and secure themselves from the brawl, but the two factions soon transferred the fight to the field as well. And there had been 15 dead. Now the news of this new episode.

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