memory test lab - la Repubblica

memory test lab - la Repubblica

Not remembering where we parked the car after work. The word that escapes during a conversation. The name of an acquaintance that no longer comes to mind. The episode from the past told by a friend that we do not remember attending. Memory lapses happen to anyone, more often as we age

When they are frequent, they require the right attention even if we shouldn't be alarmed. For two reasons. They are not all the same and not all are problematic. And the progressive reduction of memory efficiency does not necessarily represent an inexorable process: we can slow it down and in some cases prevent it. Even when it comes to the harbinger of a neurodegenerative disease we have the ability to mitigate memory decay.

A production

Scientific supervision of Vincenzo Di Lazzaro, director of Neurology and dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital of Rome

Editorial coordination Annalisa D'April, graphics Raphael Aloia

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