Marc Marquez, the ordeal continues: he also misses the Assen GP

Marc Marquez, the ordeal continues: he also misses the Assen GP


ASSEN – “It’s the hardest moment of my entire career.” Marc Marquez also skips the Dutch gp. This morning he was declared ‘unfit’. It confirms it Honda with an official note: “Not suitable due to the injuries sustained in the German GP, ​​which have worsened in recent days”. A broken rib didn’t even let him sleep last night. We will see him again in August at Silverstone, the first appointment with the MotoGP after the summer break. It had already been sensed that things were getting worse yesterday afternoon, at the end of a sprint race that ended in 17th place, the worst result in his career since 2011. What red eyes. Fatigue, pain from wounds. Maybe he was about to cry. “The hardest moment ever,” he repeats. If after 3 years of ordeal he comes to say that, then he really means that something inside him has crashed. The Cannibal staggers, on the edge of a human abyss.

Moto, today the Dutch GP

Franco Morbidelli “Valentino Rossi’s guys are good in MotoGP, but sooner or later I’ll beat them”

by our correspondent Massimo Calandri

June was supposed to be the month of the relaunch

The absurd incident yesterday morning, when he was distracted to the point of hitting the innocent Aeneas Bastianini during Q1, he was the demonstration that – as someone very close to him let slip in the Honda garage – “the boy is no longer in his head”. He had bet everything on these three weekends in June, instead he lost every last cent of hope. He’s fallen once, twice, a thousand times. And he apologized once, twice, a thousand times. “It rains in the wet”.

Marquez physically broken

He has a broken ligament in his left foot, finger and rib. Physically broken, morally even worse. He has decided to stop being Marc Marquez, the one who always attacks on the track: he has started working as a “test driver” for the RC213V, to see what the hell good can be pulled out of it without forcing it anymore. In the sprint race he even mounted a soft tyre, knowing that he would lose even more speed: “So, however, I was sure that I would not end up on the ground again”. After the gravel and dust of qualifying, he found himself 17th on the grid, fifth row. “I thought: this is not where someone like me should be. And with caution (!) I began to overtake. I found myself in a small group with smart people, including Morbidelli and Bastianini”.

Bye Assen, appointment at Silverstone

Marc managed to climb up to eleventh position. Then, suddenly, it’s as if he’s surrendered to pain, to despair. “It was unbearable. From Nakagami, who rides the other Honda, I was losing a tenth in each of the four most complicated direction changes. Four tenths a lap. A nightmare”. He slipped back, one position after another. Seventeenth. “Tomorrow I’ll try to do everything I can,” he promised, in a low voice. “I have to set a good example.” But the pain is too much. Hi Assen. Those of his clan watch him with concern. They are already returning home, as far away from the bikes and circuits as possible. The boy is on the edge of the abyss: he must rest before it’s too late.


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