Lionel Messi and his unobtainable shoes (coveted by fans) -

Lionel Messi and his unobtainable shoes (coveted by fans) -

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They are not soccer shoes, but Louis Vuitton sneakers, more precisely the 1ABD3G model sold for 1100 euros, but which cannot be found in stores or even online, but only at special auctions accessible to a few

Galeotta was the holiday. But let's not talk about betrayals but about precious footwear. Those who involuntarily revealed to possess Leo Messi posting a picture of him with his wife from the Bahamas.

Photos that made thousands of aficionados jump in their chairs. And not the ball. But in fashion. Oh yes, because at Leo's feet there were a pair of unobtainable Luis Vuitton 1ABD3G sneakers, the unattainable dream of many fans of the French brand.

Unattainable not so much for the price, which is also very respectable (certainly not for Messi, but we are still talking about 1100 euros) but for the fact that the model he is wearing is not present in any shop Louis Vuitton and not even online: the only hope for enthusiasts is that some retailer has forgotten them in the warehouse or resorting to special auctions in which some specimens have been sold, but in any case for figures exceeding 2000 euros.
Naturally, however, no problem for Messi who was also recently the testimonial of the French brand in a famous advertising campaign that saw him pose together with his lifelong rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

June 29, 2023 (change June 29, 2023 | 16:07)

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