«Juventus stole, Gravina changed drug dealer». And the FIGC opens an investigation - Corriere.it

«Juventus stole, Gravina changed drug dealer».  And the FIGC opens an investigation - Corriere.it

Of Maria Strada

The patron of Ternana attacks the Federcalcio after the plea deal with Juventus and the president of the FIGC threatens legal action. Campedelli: «My Chievo was killed instead»

There Prosecutor of the Football Federation Wednesday morning he opened a file on Tuesday's statements by the patron of the Terniand new mayor of Terni after Sunday's elections, Stefano Bandecchi, in controversy with the plea agreement that sentenced Juventus to a fine of 718 thousand euros for salary maneuvers.

"They stole. Gravina? Change drug dealer», are the offending sentences uttered by Bandecchi. The president of the FIGC and shortly before had expressed himself in soothing tones ("Rediscovered serenity") on the agreement between the Juventus club and the FIGC prosecutor's office. “Gabriel Gravina - reports the Ansa agency - intends to ask for authorization for take legal actionto protect its image and that of the Federation itself".

Bandecchi had expressed himself in harsh tones during the live broadcast of calciomercato.it to the microphones of TvPlay: «With all due respect to Gravina, I think he should change drug dealer, he said something very serious for a man with a position like his - Bandecchi's words - He was wrong, what he said has neither reason nor reasonmaybe he meant something else. There is no one who can be considered above the laws, otherwise sorry Tomorrow I'm going to rob a bank and with that money I'll solve my problems. The world of football must align itself more with everyday problems».

Furthermore, he did not fail to underline how the problem is not only Juventus, but also that of other teams which, in some way, receive different treatments. The reference is, for example, to Reggina penalized for Irpef payments. «I love the Reggina fans, but Chievo had a similar situation and was made to go out of business – Ternana's owner said again -. I still don't understand the world of football very much, Juventus has incredible debts like Milan and Interit is a world that makes players and coaches live very well, but then massacres the presidents ».

And today the former patron of Chievo Luca Campedelli also spoke on the subject who, in an interview with Sheethe recalled how his miracle team was disbarred in 2021 for tax defaults: «In fact, Juve will get away with a small fine: I would say laughable compared to corporate coffers. It obviously follows that everyone can make agreements outside the federal constraint without problems. Chievo? they killed me”.

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