Juventus, Allegri: "An anomalous season is finally over, I don't wish it on anyone"

Juventus, Allegri: "An anomalous season is finally over, I don't wish it on anyone"

"Finally this anomalous season is over and I don't wish it on any colleague". Massimiliano Allegri seems relieved after the 0-1 defeat with Milan which definitively closes the doors of the Champions League to Juventus. "I'm not talking about the match, we did what we could. I thank the guys who played an important season in any case, winning 69 points on the field in the championship. They did their best. They took us away both on and off the field, let's hope that the next year make us restart from a normal situation... We dropped many points away but, I repeat, it was a particular season with strange humoral situations, lost points, points to recover... The players are men and not robots, that's normal having lost something along the way. If you look at the standings and say that Juve had a bad season, we don't accept it, we scored 69 points with all the difficulties."

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by Emanuele Gamba

"The season is over in Seville"

In the last few matches, Juve shut down. Allegri explains: "The season is over in Seville. It's bad to say it but it's the same in terms of mental energies. We made a mistake in marking a cross, it was an avoidable goal. Talking about this match or the year makes no sense, it was an anomalous season. Another group would not have scored 69 points but maybe 50. We must be proud. However, I remember that we scored 69 points and at the moment we would still be in the Champions League playing games like the last ones."

"Future? Not everything is to be thrown away, there is a good basis for restarting"

On the future, the Juventus coach says: "Right now we have to rest and stay. The sooner we break away the better. Now we have to go to Udine trying to honor the last game as best as possible, then we will calmly make choices. At the moment we still don't know if we will play in Europe. The base is good, it's not all to be thrown away. The good things done during the season are misunderstood, the mistake would be to not keep the good for Juventus' future. Let's hope that before August 20th they will tell us if there will be other penalty points for not spending another year shot by everyone".

"When I came back I knew it was difficult to win"

Put in the dock, Allegri is keen to underline: "We did a good job, even in financial terms we did well with the young players. When I came back I knew it was difficult to win, I'm not that stupid. If I wanted to win I would have gone to other parts. I've always said, then maybe I see things wrong, that Juventus is always built to win but that's not the case. Juve must remain in the field in the top four, then the others are words that come and go. The season is bankruptcy, but Juventus have played two semi-finals and are momentarily in third place. Football gives and football takes away, this year it has taken away a lot. We will come out of this in peace. Some teams have entered the Champions League thanks to the fact that they have subtracted 10 points".

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