Justin Kluivert, robbery at the home of the Roma striker. Beaten the companion - Corriere.it

Justin Kluivert, robbery at the home of the Roma striker.  Beaten the companion - Corriere.it

Fear for Justin Kluivert, Roma striker on loan at Valencia. The partner got the worst

Robbery at the house of Justin Kluivertthe Dutch striker - whose card is still owned by Rome — son of Patrick, ex Milan. His home in Valencia, where he plays now, was attacked by some robbers who acted in a very brutal way. The attacker's partner suffered the worst, beaten by the criminals. The latter took advantage of the absence of the player, engaged away on the field of Mallorca, to complete the coup. The very bad story took place on Wednesday, in the middle of the afternoon. As the Spanish media report, three hooded men first followed and then attacked the woman as she walked her dog near their home in a well-known residential neighborhood. After intimidating and beating the footballer's girlfriend, they entered the house of the two and stole money, jewels and other personal belongings.

The rich loot

A loot of around 160 thousand euros, as reported by the investigators. In shock, of course, Kluivert's partner, who sustained minor injuries. it was she who called the security and civil guard after the thieves had gone. Investigations are underway through images from surveillance cameras in the area. The player, after making sure of the conditions of his partner, he has decided to stay in Mallorca, where tonight at 19.30 he will play with his Valencia. In Spain, the topic of robbing footballers is a real scourge: Kluivert's is just the latest theft. also happened to Castillejo, ex Milan, and Mustafi, ex Sampdoria. The first post the images of the ransacked house; the second had a loot of around one million euros taken away.

May 25, 2023 (change May 25, 2023 | 12:22)

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