IX Edition Gianni Danieli Trophy 10-11 June 2023, Benito Stirpe stadium in Frosinone

IX Edition Gianni Danieli Trophy 10-11 June 2023, Benito Stirpe stadium in Frosinone

For the IX Edition, the boys of the 2010 Beginners category of the Gialloazzurri Academy will face off against the same ages of nine professional teams: AS Roma, SS Lazio, US Salernitana, Frosinone Calcio, AC Fiorentina, AC Perugia, SPAL, Benevento Calcio, Delfino Pescara . Divided into two groups of five, the teams will face each other in compliance with federal regulations. The group winners will go directly to the Gold Stage. The other eight teams will compete in quarter-final matches.

The four winners of these matches will access the Gold Phase: two challenges to access the semi-finals where they will find the group winners. The teams defeated in the quarter-finals will instead go to the Silver Phase where they will face each other in the semi-finals and final. Furthermore, during the two days of competitions matches will be played in the competitive categories, from Under 19 to Under 14 in which prizes will be offered by the sponsors of the event.

The day will then close with the "Gianni's friends match", a challenge between Roma and Frosinone: former footballers and show business personalities, friends of Gianni, such as Paolo Bonolis, Edoardo Leo, Rudy Zerbi, Vincent Candela will take to the field , Max Tonetto, “Pluto” Aldair, Davide Moscardelli, Odoacre Chierico, Alessio Cerci, Giovanni Cervone, David Di Michele and many others.

Sport and Charity A wonderful day of sport but above all a great event for charity: linked to the Gianni Danieli Trophy is the desire to give a smile and extend a hand to those who are weaker. For this reason, the main partner will be the Ce.RS Onlus Association "Adopt an Angel" which, thanks to the commitment of Professor Renato Berardinelli, doctor of the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome, has been fighting since 1990 to bring free home assistance to children with complex chronic diseases. An important job to allow the child to access some services that are scarcely offered by health facilities, for which the Association has entered into an agreement with the Cristo Re Hospital in Rome, where treatments such as dental care, minor surgery services and The execution of instrumental examinations (TAC, MRI, endoscopic examinations) are guaranteed in complete safety. Testimonials of the "Adopt an Angel" Association are well-known faces of Italian TV such as Antonella Clerici, Paolo Bonolis, Paola Perego, Valeria Marini and great footballers such as Radja Nainggolan and Davide Moscardelli.

The history of the “Gianni Danieli Trophy

It will be a day dedicated to the memory of Gianni, a boy who left his loved ones too soon and all those who, knowing him, appreciated his passion, seriousness and enthusiasm, qualities that he put into everything he did, at work, in his family and in friendship. With his sweet disposition and total availability, Gianni was a truly unique man. And it is by grasping an aspect of passion, the love for football that his brother Alessandro and his family thought and wanted to set up this annual appointment with sport, young people and the spontaneous conviviality that comes from being together for an exciting day in the his memory.

The Trophy, open to all football clubs over time, has become an unmissable event for the many youth realities of our Region and which closes each sports season in an exciting way, constituting a coveted goal for the "budding" categories where the our children, who surprise us every year for the commitment, the quality they demonstrate on the field in the spirit of a healthy and pure competitive spirit.

Since the first edition, representatives of football clubs and realities from all over Lazio have joined the event with enthusiasm, giving it that added value and meaning that was in the organizers' propositions: meeting up on the field in friendship with that joy that must distinguish sport, in the healthy spirit of confrontation and an ethic that is increasingly necessary for our young people.

Since the eighth edition, the Gianni Danieli Trophy has become an appointment recognized by the FIGC and has become a tournament in which the best talents from all over Italy compete against each other.

Hall of Fame of the Gianni Danieli Trophy

1st Edition 2014 Winner: AS Roma

2nd Edition 2015 Winner: AS Roma

3rd Edition 2017 Winner: AS Roma

4th Edition 2018 Winner: SS Lazio

5th Edition 2019 Winner: AS Roma

6th Edition 2020 Winner: AS Roma

7th Edition 2021 Winner: ASD Accademia Gialloazzurri

8th Edition 2022 Winner: AC Fiorentina

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