it was worth 40 thousand euros -

it was worth 40 thousand euros -

Of Daniele Sparisci, sent to Budapest

To uncork the prosecco bottle, the British pilot dropped a hand-built porcelain vase: a unique work, it took about six months to make

Big party on the podium in Budapest, Lando Norris— finished second behind Verstappen— by exaggeration. And he makes a mess. To uncork the prosecco bottle, Ferrari Trento shook it on a shelf with a bang, which rocked the structure, causing the cup reserved for the winner to fall to the ground. What so it cracked at the base. Moments of embarrassment for the young Englishman and also for Max, team principal Andrea Stella reminded his driver that strength must be controlled.

Because in addition to having ruined a memory for Verstappen, Norris has shattered a unique workhandmade in porcelain, by the Herendi Porcelan Manufaktura, a prestigious Hungarian laboratory active since 1826.

It took about six months to make the cups for F1, the estimated cost of 40,000 euros for that of the number one. Verstappen laughed, but maybe he didn't know the value of the object. But then, after realizing it, he said to his colleague: I'm going to ask Zak (Brown, boss of McLaren ed), for a refund, he certainly doesn't lack the money. Norris replied: I think he put it in the wrong place. No rust, the two are friends, but the damage remains.

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