is the journalist the new girlfriend?-

is the journalist the new girlfriend?-

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Dazn journalist Melissa Jimenez, ex-wife of footballer Marc Batra, spotted several times in the company of driver Fernando Alonso. Who had a fight with his ex in Monaco

Her name is Melissa JimenezSpanish journalist of Dazncorrespondent of Formula 1. It would be the Fernando Alonso's new flame. The Iberian gossip newspapers have launched into the analysis and say that the two they'd been together for a couple of months, more or less since the gossip began to tell of an alleged flirtation with Taylor Swift, which the pilot has done nothing to deny. So she is not a blonde singer, but a brunette journalist.

Melissa is the daughter of Antonio, chief technician of Aleix Espargaró, an Aprilia rider. In the past she has been with Marc Batra for a long time — eight years — a former Barcelona and Betis Sevilla footballer who now plays in Turkey. They separated last January after eight years of relationship, including five of marriage, and three children: Gala, Abril and little Max who is not yet two years old.

Alonso, on the other hand, separated last April from a colleague of Jimenez, the Austrian Andrea Schlager. Who, at the last Monaco Grand Prix, would have ruined the party for Fernando's Aston Martin's second place with a rather animated discussion. And to say that the press release on the consensual separation between the two had been rather cordial...

May 31, 2023 (change May 31, 2023 | 4:00 PM)

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