Inter, Dzeko or Lukaku against Manchester City? Why Inzaghi can change hierarchies -

Inter, Dzeko or Lukaku against Manchester City?  Why Inzaghi can change hierarchies -

Of Paul Tomaselli

The Bosnian's prices are down compared to his teammate who paws, scores and lets others score, also aiming for the renewal of the loan from Chelsea

Does a team on a mission, as its coach defined it, have to have faith or should it follow the signals from the pitch? In summary: in Istanbul next to Lautaro, the man who won 7 of the 8 finals in which he played, should Dzeko or Lukaku leave?

Inzaghi does not answer the question and will hardly do so between now and 10 June, when Inter will face the Champions League final against Manchester City as outsiders, which is the most elegant way to say underdog. But in Milan no one takes offense, quite the contrary. There's pressure for everyone, but if City take it upon themselves to have to win at all costs, all the better because, as Alessandro Bastoni says, between now and the final, their heads will also count a lot.

The Coppa Italia final gave back to Inzaghi the image of Lukaku puffing on his cigar in the locker room, with a satisfied and happy air: the Belgian has not scored with Fiorentina, but since April he is the one who has participated in the most goals (8 goals and 4 assists), better than Lautaro (10 and 2).

Dzeko also celebrates and cuddles the trophy. Three weeks ago he was the cover man, with a volley that immediately split the first leg of the Champions League derby and made the Bosnian forget a very long fast. After the little mistake on Wednesday in front of Terracciano, when Inter were still behind, and after the overall performance too, his quotations are down compared to his teammate who paws, scores and scores, also aiming to renew his loan from Chelsea. Also the nervousness shown after the substitution arrived at the indicative 60': Dzeko feels Lukaku breathing on his neck, but he knows that on all the great nights of 2023 he is the owner. Lukaku only had the one on January 4 with Napoli. Right next to Dzeko, who scored the decisive goal. Since then, with some adaptations due to contingent needs, Inzaghi has shaped his Inter of starters and reserves. And the hierarchy, reinforced by the scientific turnover in the finale of this crazy season, seems to be holding up. Dzeko or Lukaku with City? Lautaro is always alternating with the other strikers because ours is a mission – Inzaghi reiterated on the sweet Roman night -: no one had ever played 20 games in two months, practically a group. And everyone is helping us.

The script is not only linked to the fact that Inzaghi trusts more willingly the same men who led him to such an important and unexpected final. But he follows a precise strategic line, which has worked up to now: Dzeko is a maneuvering striker, he knows football and knows how to get into the folds of the trocar, not just in the box. he is the one who binds the game, leaving the task of attacking depth to Lautaro. Lukaku is a striker with very different characteristics, who is now in condition and doing great: unlike the Bosnian, Romelu comes in much better off the bench, as he demonstrated, for example, with the goal that decided the two-legged match against Porto in the round of 16. Even the fundamental penalties scored against Benfica and Juventus are indicative of his importance as an improper match-breaking weapon.

In addition to managing the emotional and motivational aspect, Inzaghi to keep the doubt until the end. Not saying that he can study a different strategy, given the mountain to climb in front of him: to break City's possession and start vertically again, he could also immediately choose Lukaku. Otherwise he will start again with Dzeko, trying to get out of the pressure, keeping the ball more. With a Lautaro like this, every decision is easier.

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