in the first match against Inter Miami he scores the winning goal -

in the first match against Inter Miami he scores the winning goal -

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The Argentine's new team beat Mexico's Cruz Azul 2-1 in a Leagues Cup match

With a goal from a free kick in the 94th minute, Leo Messi wrote the perfect ending to hers historic debut In the american football. The 36-year-old Argentine brought success to his new club, l'Inter Miamibeating the Mexicans by Cruz Azul in the Leagues Cup 2023, a tournament that sees teams from Mexico and Mls, the major American league, on the field.

Everyone was waiting for the Messi's debutwho arrived with a contract worth more than fifty million a season, paid halfway between the club and Mls itself, which however also share the TV rights receipts. The Argentine entered the field in the 54th minute, starting from the bench but with the armband captainin front of 18,000 spectators at the stadium Fort Lauderdale, Floridahome of Inter Miami, on the pitch tonight in a pink suit.

In forty minutes Messi showed all of his repertoire, made of dribble on the strait, veronica and assist, which however the companions have wasted. After the draw of the Mexicans, who came close to doubling several times, Messi decided to end the game as an absolute star: the Argentine cleverly conquered a foul from twenty meters. With the barrier deployed, Messi drew by left a perfect parable that brought the ball to the top corner.

The goal sparked the unbridled joy of the Hispanic broadcasters and the delirium of home crowd. On the bench David Beckhamwho is part of the staff directed by Tata Martino, he shook his head in amazement. Messi was celebrated by all his teammates and his children present on the sidelines. Time to bring the ball back to midfield for play to restart, and the referee has blown the whistle. L'Inter Miami he won 2-1. A pyrotechnic game of fireworks started from the stands, while the commentators went out of their way in emphatically praising the umpteenth feat of the Argentine champion. If the Mls has decided to cover it with gold to relaunch US football in view of the World Cup 2026which will be played in the States, Mexico and Canada, seeing the enthusiasm that marked the evening, the bet has begun to repay the investment.

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