In Saudi Arabia it's another Red Bull double: Ferrari fourth force

In Saudi Arabia it's another Red Bull double: Ferrari fourth force

Some action, but only at the beginning

For once, it started in a sparkling way already in the front row, despite Verstappen and Leclerc absent: the first due to a technical problem in yesterday's qualifying, which saw him start from fifteenth position due to the impossibility of setting a better time. As is well known, the Ferrari driver had to adjust the electronic control unit once again: the second lap position was therefore moved to twelfth place on the grid.

By the way: as mentioned, Alonso got off to a rocket start, which saw him excel over Perez. But he made a distraction or anxiety mistake: he didn't position himself well on the starting square: conditioned by a previous episode of a colleague, he was afraid of going too far on the line, however he positioned himself a few centimeters too far to the left .

Due to poor visibility also due to the shape of the passenger compartment and the halo, not having “centred2 his space well, he was penalized by five seconds to be served at the first pit stop. Too bad for the team's mistake during the stop. What matters to him is having shown car and class. Class and car, like in the old days. Never mind if he has taken a sanction: he accepts it, for once, without grumbling. On the contrary: he only complains about it at the end, because after all they send him to the podium and let him know later. Three points down but a dig at the FIA ​​couldn't help but miss it. Better than a mandatory drive through. No leadership anyway: Perez had already passed him on the fourth lap.

To think that up to a third of the race there was still a bit of tension for Ferrari: Leclerc was still ahead of Verstappen, but having the softs he had to change them soon. And, needless to do it on purpose, the safety car came in for Stroll on lap 18: a gamble to leave him on the track with a car already 'smoking' at the start. A fact that once again benefited "the others". Up until the middle of the race, however, the podium seemed more balanced and suited to qualifying: Perez, Alonso and Russell would have been more digestible for many. But from lap 22, when Hamilton managed to pass both Ferraris, the Saudi Sunday of the reds definitely darkened.

Back to the English

While the Alpines rejoice and the McLarens cry (even if the newly hired Piastri promises well), Red Bull always shows a form (and a class) of its own. Perez grabbed a deserved win, holding a massive lead over his teammate and everyone else for most of the race. But we must certainly not forget the way in which the Dutchman overtook the rest of the grid, on a track that is not easy to overtake: disturbing signs for the rest of the season. And Aston is similarly scary, especially for Mercedes and Ferrari, who will feel further behind than where they thought they were in terms of single-seater development.

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