“I’d make my grandfather Bud Spencer’s movies again. And I don’t focus on beauty»- Corriere.it

“I'd make my grandfather Bud Spencer's movies again.  And I don't focus on beauty»- Corriere.it


Of Clare Maffioletti

The actor, 27, in the cast of the new season of «And Just Like That»: «Acting for Guadagnino? A school”

When he began to realize that he wanted to be an actor, Sebastiano Pigazzi was not overwhelmed with joy. «It seemed to me a dream too big to be able to realize, so much so that for some time I tried to repress it. Then for some reason I woke up.” And he found himself acting for Guadagnino in “We Are Who We Are”in the movie «Time is Up» and now in the new chapter of “Sex and the City”, And Just Like That», on Sky and Now from today. «I’m trying to build something», he fends off, perhaps too aware of what it means to leave your mark in a world like that of entertainment, having had a grandfather loved by all: Bud Spencer.

What does it mean to have a grandfather like this?

“It taught me that life is to be lived one hundred percent. Sure, in his case it’s like a hundred lives he’s lived: he’s done a lot of things, people wouldn’t dream of doing just one. Instead, he succeeded in everything. When he died I took four dvds of his films of him that I still had left to see: I wait to watch them, it seems to me a way to keep him alive a little longer. If I finish them all, it’s like closing a door».

Did she also love his films of good feelings and sincere fisticuffs?

“Very, I was proud of him. When I was little there was no streaming so his films, living in Los Angeles, I saw them in Italy, when I returned in the summer ».

Are you connected with Terence Hill?

“Every time I saw him he was always very kind. The last time he was at his grandfather’s funeral.’

Could a couple like theirs exist today? A genre of film like theirs?

«It would be an interesting project instead of copying American films and series in a brutal way. It could be fun to think of similar films but set in today’s world: it’s not true that there are no more ideas but courage is needed».

Meanwhile, she enters the world of «Sex and the City».

«A role that arrived after sending a video audition. It was completely unexpected. From one day to the next I found myself on stage with Sarah Jessica Parker».

«She immediately made me feel at home, she was very welcoming. Already after the first reading of the scripts via Zoom she wrote me a nice message. You are really a nice person, I didn’t expect so much ».

«I was very small when she came out but my mother saw her (Diamante, Spencer’s youngest daughter, ed) and often ended up seeing something myself. She was a big fan. She is now very happy for me, even if everyone in the family always keeps their feet on the ground ».

In «And Just Like That» he is in love with a man.

«Yes, I’m Antony’s partner, the character played by Mario Cantone. I didn’t have any more difficulty in playing this part and I find it healthy that homosexuality will finally be represented as well”.

He also acted for Guadagnino.

«A wonderful experience, he was always very kind to me and gave me lots of advice, I couldn’t have had a better school».

How important is beauty in your journey? Have they ever told you that it looks like…

«… to Luke Perry… yes yes everyone tells me that, even James Dean… I’ve never considered myself handsome, but rather average. Not to mention that beauty passes, it’s better not to rely too much on it and I really hope it’s not my trump card. My idol is Dustin Hoffman.”

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