Heat: boom in emergency room access, +30%

Heat: boom in emergency room access, +30%

Accesses to emergency rooms are increasing due to the persistent heat waves in Italy: "We are recording an average increase in accesses of 30% and health and hospital companies are modulating the reception capacity, with additional beds in internal medicines or clinics dedicated to minor codes to lighten the load of accesses to emergency rooms", says the president of the Federation of health and hospital companies (Fiaso), John Better. However, he warns, "the support of general practitioners and local services must not be lacking or the situation will become critical".

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The emergency

Hospitals are therefore scaling up their heat emergency response to cope with the increase in the number of patients seeking assistance in emergency rooms. The current climatic situation, characterized by high temperatures and prolonged heat waves, explains Fiaso, "has posed considerable challenges to the health system, but thanks to the collaboration of health authorities and hospitals, we are responding promptly and efficiently to the increased demand for medical care".

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The support of general practitioners

"The support of general practitioners and local services or in the emergency rooms is fundamental at the moment, the situation will become critical", adds Migliore. And it is good, he underlines, "to remind citizens to take adequate precautions to protect themselves from high temperatures and to use the emergency rooms only in case of real need".

The health authorities have promoted awareness campaigns, activated toll-free numbers and home assistance services, encouraging the population to take preventive measures to avoid health problems linked to high temperatures.

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