«He read my life»- Corriere.it

«He read my life»- Corriere.it

Of Flavio Vanetti

Sofia, who won the fourth downhill cup, thanks her coach and remembers the sentence he had pronounced to her years ago: «Gianluca had not only commented on my skiing approach, but he had clearly read my life»

This time she didn't win and gave in to Ilka Stuhec, but Sofia Goggia with second place in the downhill of the Soldeu finals not only achieved podium number 48 and gave the 25th «top three» of the season to Italy's ski squad (equalized the 2017 record), but she also put the seal on a year that saw her dominate in the freestyle. The World Championship unfortunately "botched" and won by the Swiss Flury, who has returned to being a carneade since that day, was the exception to the rule: Lady Discesa is her. Point.

Here is his summary: «When I think that, apart from the crash in Cortina, the worst result was a second place, then I say it was a crazy season». The numbers speak for themselves (8 free practice, 5 wins, 2 second places, 1 unfinished race) and the memory of an episode that still leaves us incredulous speaks volumes: the success in the second descent of St. Moritz about 18 hours after surgery on his left hand, fractured in the race the day before (where he lost only to Elena Curtoni). So that feat is also the inspiration for the symbolic image of the year, posted on Instagram: Sofia holds the World Cup and the writing is the famous slogan "It was Sofia's hand."

Yes, the fourth "cup" of the descent. It is different from the others and the Italian on the eve explained it right on her favorite social network: «I won the previous three by battling to the last, but this one was already largely mine». It's in that post as well a delicate thought for coach Gianluca Rulfi. It was 2019, even that time the finals were in Soldeu. Sofia was only sixth. Rulfi spoke to her like this: «When you have the lead that comes at you you put yourself in a state of need and you are good; when instead you have to "look for it", it takes more effort. Come on, if she doesn't come on you, go ahead and meet her». Direct phrases, which the champion comments today as follows: «Those words have remained alive in my mind. Gianluca had not only commented on my skiing approach, but he had clearly read my life ». A way to thank those who follow and work with her.

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