he had been sentenced to one year for failing to pay alimony - Corriere.it

he had been sentenced to one year for failing to pay alimony - Corriere.it

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The court of Rio Grande do Sul has asked for jail time for the former Juventus player now at Los Angeles Galaxy. The Brazilian winger is now aiming to appeal

Trouble on the way for Douglas Costa, who in Italy wore the Juventus shirt from 2017 to 2020 and is currently in Mls with the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul has requested the attacker's arrest for non-payment of child support after he was sentenced to one year in prison in the first instance.

The possible one-year prison term of Douglas Costa could be carried out by a bailiff or a police officer if the player sets foot in Brazil. As far as foreign countries are concerned, the matter is regulated by any extradition treaties. Once in handcuffs, the Brazilian can be taken to any prison unit in the country. Arrest for provides that the player must be kept in a separate place from ordinary inmates, as established by law. The lawyer of Douglas Costa he has already made it known that he will present an appeal to annul the decision in court, then counting on the appeal. Times are really tight because in Brazil the arrest warrant becomes enforceable within 30 days of notification of the deed. AND Douglas Costanow precisely in the United States, could also be arrested far from Brazil according to the provisions of the treaties on the matter between the States.

Not a good period for the attacker: his adventure in Mls was not as exciting as hoped. arrived in the States in March already with a calf injury to then make his debut on April 2 against Seattle and then play against Houston: both games ended in defeat. The fans weren't able to admire him at his best even in the derby against Los Angeles FC: the former Juventus player was in fact disqualified due to a direct expulsion received the previous day. Finally, he missed several other games with a leg injury. In short, not exactly the best for a champion like Douglas Costa. But now he has to face above all the risk of arrest.

May 30, 2023 (change May 30, 2023 | 7:33 pm)

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