Gymnastics, government support in the toughest moment. Maccarani: "One always likes to come to the gym"

Gymnastics, government support in the toughest moment.  Maccarani: "One always likes to come to the gym"

ROME - A copy of the Constitution as a gift, and a "blessing" from the government, including greetings from the premier Giorgia Meloni. The toughest year of Italian gymnastics finds recognition and a moment of relief at Palazzo Chigi, where all the teams, managers and coaches have been invited by the minister for sport and youth Andrea Abodi. Ready to reward the oldest federation (it was born on March 15, 1869), never as successful as in the last season, but also to support it for its behavior during the scandal of alleged abuses in the national rhythmic center of Desio: "Even in moments difficult, when you fall - because you have the right to make mistakes - you need to have the ability to use the mistake so as not to repeat it, without hiding or turning away," said the minister. "One quality of this federation is that it has known how to question itself, and has known how to face a right or wrong criticism. This is not usual, and it goes hand in hand with the prospect of improvement as athletes do every day. Congratulations to the president Gherardo Tecchi, for having listened to criticisms, remarks, complaints. I hope it will be an example for all of us". Tecchi thanked him, quoting a figure in contrast with the crisis that was feared in the movement: "We had 15,000 more members".

Sofia Raffaeli's award ceremony

The president of Coni also thought about reinforcing the symbolic and political significance of the morning Giovanni Malagò: "Gherardo, your whole family is here. I am happy with this initiative by the Italian government, because in recent months there has been a bit too much talk about not so good things, and in my opinion we should have talked anyway about the many good things that have continued to be done in a complicated context". Thus, not only the Butterflies parade, but also the rhythmic individualists, among which Sophia Raffaeli, world champion and first Italian on the podium of the European Championships with silver in Baku. Then the European champion men's artistic team, the silver women's team, the national youth teams. "Of results that had never been achieved" Malagò spoke.

The former coach of the national rhythmic Emanuela Maccarani

The former coach of the rhythmic national team Emanuela Maccarani (ansa)

Also awarded in the multipurpose hall of the Prime Minister's Office Emanuela Maccarani, no longer responsible for the Desio Academy but a simple federal technician waiting for ordinary and sports justice to take their course. To accompany the historic assistant Olga Tishina, also under investigation. "Entering such an important context makes us feel part of a project that is also social" commented Maccarani. "The medals that have been remembered and acclaimed make us feel part of a project on the future of our young people, which I have personally followed for 38 years and which makes sport my job and above all my life".

"The attention given to gymnastics on this day gives me a feeling of pride: sport teaches us to go forward, to accept defeats and victories" continued Maccarani. "After six Olympics, having gone on after so many defeats has given me the motivation to bring back to the group of my athletes. In the last five years as a manager, I have brought the national team not only to emerge internationally with the athletes, but also as a movement. The situation that has occurred this year has brought about a great flattening out, there has been a handbrake on from November to today in all gyms, it is certainly an important moment for reflection. the president Tecchi demonstrate that in the gyms there is also an educational activity, not just a sport, where people come willingly".

Alessia Maurelli, Martina Centofanti and Alessia Russo, three Butterflies at Palazzo Chigi

Alessia Maurelli, Martina Centofanti and Alessia Russo, three Butterflies at Palazzo Chigi

The first instance hearing in the ongoing sporting trial saw the testimony of Agnese Duranti, a member of the rhythm team who defended the coach, confirming at the same time the abrupt methods in the academy. Maccarani does not betray emotions when she talks about the episode, but is keen to underline that "Duranti was called in the sporting process, she was questioned by the judges like other people. She told and answered the questions that were asked". If this is the past on which light is being shed, with inevitable consequences such as the drop in performance of the Butterflies who have yet to qualify for the Olympics, the federation announces new awareness campaigns against all forms of abuse and psycho-physical violence. Meanwhile, he receives the support of Palazzo Chigi in the toughest moment.

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