giro d'italia stage 16 today: the route and where to see it on tv

giro d'italia stage 16 today: the route and where to see it on tv

SAND CHURCHES - The last week of Tour it opens with a fraction that could prove to be decisive for the final success. Five gpm, two of which in the first category, between sand Churches and the Mountain Bondonesite of the legendary feat under the snow of Charlie Gaul in 1956. The last arrival at the top is dated 2006: he won Ivan Bass.

The first 64 of the total 203 km of the sixteenth stage are totally flat. After Nago it will start to climb towards the hardest Step of Santa Barbara (1st cat., 12.7 km at 8.3%), followed after a short descent from Step Bordala (3rd cat., 4.5km at 6.7%).

The altimetry of the 16th stage

After Rovereto you will go up rather gently towards Skein (2nd cat., 11.3km at 5.5%). Another 20 km downhill to the Serrada (2nd cat., 17.7 km at 5.5%), with the summit exactly 50 km from the finish.

After the descent, another ten flat kilometers up to Aldeno: there begin the last 21 km that will take the runners to the top of Monte Bondoneat an altitude of 1632 meters, with never breaking legs, but which comes after a very complicated stage: 6.7% on average, with peaks of 15. The truth about the Giro will come out now.

Departure time: 11.05am

TV and streaming: 10:50-14:00 RaiSport / 14:00-17:55 Rai2; 10:50-17:55 Eurosport 1 / Eurosport, Discovery+g, GCN

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