Giro d'Italia, it's the day of truth on Monte Lussari: the time trial route and where to see it on TV

Giro d'Italia, it's the day of truth on Monte Lussari: the time trial route and where to see it on TV

TARVISIO - It's time for the verdict al Tour of Italy and it will be the awaited and terrible individual time trial that decides Tarvisio will take the runners to the top after 18.6km Mountain Lussaries. A 7.3 km long climb that has everything above 15% but with peaks at 20%. All in a very special environment, with a very narrow road and the impossibility for the riders to be followed by the flagships. Behind them they will only have motorcycles with a mechanic who will carry the bike in the event of a mechanical accident.

The time trial route

The plain, then the surge

From the departure from Tarvisio the first part of the route will be flat or slightly uphill. The runners, after only 1 km, will enter, with a short climb with a peak at 15%, in the Cycle lane Alpe-Adria. After 9.4 km is the point where the riders will leave the time trial bike for the uphill one before starting the climb. The change must be very fast: the area for pushing the runner after the change is 25 meters long. First intermediate, after 10.8 kilometres, just before the bridge over the Saisera stream which marks the start of the final climb. The rise of Mountain Lussaries, 7.3 km long, which you climb in hairpin bends in the woods on a narrow road characterized by a concrete surface, but also with dirt road sections, will be truly impressive. The average gradient is 12.1% with peaks of 22%, for a climb that won't give the runners a break. The first 5 km will be very tough with an average gradient of 15% and peaks of over 20. After the stretch in the woods, the runners will be able to briefly catch their breath by facing a short section at 4% before the terrible last kilometre, a real ramp at 22%. After the brow, a short descent introduces the last 150 meters which point up again at 16% to the finish line. No one was able to prepare it in advance: in fact, it wasn't long before the road was clear of snow. An impressive challenge, also from a logistical and practical point of view for the organizers. The runners will start in "waves": the first 45, with one minute intervals, between 11.30 and 12.14. The second 40 between 13.50 and 14.29. The last 40 between 16.05 and 17.14. The top 15 in the standings will start 3 minutes apart from each other. Almeida will start at 17.08, Roglic at 17.11, Thomas at 17.14. The time trial should last around 40 minutes. Thomas starts with a 26" advantage over Roglic and 59" over Almeida. More than 4 minutes into the fourth, Damiano Caruso.

Start time of the first runner: 11:30

Arrival time of the last runner: 5:51 PM

TV and streaming: 11:30-14:00 RaiSport / 14:00-19:00 Rai2; 11:15-19:00 Eurosport 1 / Eurosport, Discovery+, GCN

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