Giorgia Soleri on the Bumble dating app after breaking up with

Giorgia Soleri on the Bumble dating app after breaking up with


Of Teresa Cioffi

The activist’s profile has been noticed by some users in the Milan area and does not appear to be a fake

Go out, have fun, meet new people. Sometimes even on dating apps. What’s wrong? Millions of people do it and it’s a trend that not even the best-known faces in the world of entertainment and music give up. There are those who use Raya, which is practically the Tinder of VIPs, but there are also those who do not hide their desire to make new acquaintances behind exclusive applications. the case of Giorgia Soleri, an activist who has just ended her relationship with the famous frotman of the Mneskin and who has decided not to waste time.

His profile got swiped by some users in the Milan area on the Bumble dating app. A choice, that of Soleri, which well reflects the desire to make new encounters, but without receiving too many unwanted messages. Bumble, in fact, is characterized by the fact that women decide. They are the ones who take the first step if interested, they are the ones who decide who to contact, how and when. Some have wondered about the authenticity of the profile, but it really seems that it is not a fake. Some users even posted the screenshot on Facebook. But, perhaps, Giorgia Soleri is not too interested in her profile being republished around, just as she is probably not interested in possible criticisms. On her Instagram profile, she publishes a photo in the mirror with the words “Trying to be real, not perfect” in a story. No weaknesses. She is 27 years old and in 2023. Of course she wants to move on, after the long relationship with Damiano David, with whom she was six years.

They had met in 2014 in Villa Borghese, but the attendance officially started in 2017. Then the success, him with music from Sanremo to the Eurovision Song Contest, up to stages all over the world. She with activism and in particular with the awareness and recognition of diseases such as vulvodynia, from which Giorgia Soleri herself suffers. And finally that photo of Damiano with the model Martina Taglienti, in a kiss that made the end of the relationship with Soleri explicit. What time to look ahead. And while the Mneskin singer seems to be continuing his acquaintance with Victoria De Angelis’ friend, who knows if Giorgia Soleri has already met someone on Bumble.

June 24, 2023 (change June 24, 2023 | 3:55 pm)


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