«Genoa promoted to Serie A, the dedication is for my dead grandmother»- Corriere.it

«Genoa promoted to Serie A, the dedication is for my dead grandmother»- Corriere.it

Of Gregory Spigno

The Genoa coach was the star of the ride from B to A: "I've never received so many messages, it's a source of pride to be in this club, but the promotion dedication is for my grandmother who died a short time ago"

He inherited a team built to dominate the league when they were closer to the play-out zone than the top of the table. He gave her back strength, grit and the necessary morale to ensure that the promise of the president of Genoa Zangrillo "Only one year" (in Serie B) became a reality. And now he enjoys it: Alberto Gilardino he can finally let himself go, after having achieved promotion to Serie A thanks to an unstoppable ride. 2.22 points per game and only two defeats in 23 days. And it is already projected on what will come next.

What do you expect for your future and that of Genoa?

«We will meet soon, both the club and I want to continue together. When you get along, it takes very little to reach an understanding. For me, coaching Genoa is a great opportunity and a source of pride».

With what goals?

«A quiet salvation, «A quiet salvation without precluding slightly more ambitious goals. We want to equip the team and make a fair championship, between moments of joy and difficulty. Cohesion is fundamental."

Does Serie A scare you a bit?

«It's a different championship, we'll have to be ready but not afraid. As I have not had this year, in which I have always tried to maintain balance with clear objectives. The A must be faced by building it first».

What rating do you give for the season that just ended?

«I'm not used to giving myself marks, I'm glad that people who have worked with me give them to me: players, staff, fans. That's gratifying. Like the affection that our people have given us».

Who is the first person you heard after the promotion game?

“I didn't touch my cell phone for a while because we were celebrating. At the stadium there were my parents, my daughters, my wife, all the people who have always supported me in the experiences of my life. This year I lost my grandmother who was like a second mother to me, so a special dedication goes to her. Then I've never received so many WhatsApps: 700-800 people I'm still trying to reply to now. Let us thank them here publicly…».

He worked his way up as a technician: Serie D, Serie C, Primavera. Was there a moment when he thought it wasn't the right job for her?

"Never. The desire to train, to arrive, the passion I have for this sport was too strong inside me. I remember they thought I was crazy when I accepted Rezzato, Vercelli or Siena, away from home. That gave me the right awareness to achieve what I did this year. If one perseveres, then he succeeds. After all the sacrifices I've made, this year I had an answer».

How hard is it to manage 30 different heads?

"I like. Much. As a player you think about the personal aspect, even within a group, while as a coach you have to think about 20-25 other people. I have loved this job since I started six years ago. I love working with kids, being in a group, relating, comparing. Decisive aspects for a coach».

By now football is divided between players and results players: how do you consider yourself?

«In my career I have had great teachers, but when you decide, it's a completely different thing. You have to take responsibility, determine. When you arrive in a place, you have to understand where you are, what human material you have available and start from there. Big businesses are built with play, tactics and psychology. Then there are also the technical aspects and the analysis of the opponents. This year the mutual respect between the players and me was fundamental».

Ancelotti, Gasperini, Lippi, Prandelli, Mihajlovic but not only. Is there anyone who left you something more?

“Everyone leaves you something. Some more grumpy, some more tactical, some better at managing the group. But if you take the positive aspects, something good always comes".

Three Italians in the final of three different European competitions. Feelings?

"Beautiful. Italian football is making a comeback. City are a team and start as favourites, but Inter have high-quality singles and can have their say in one-off matches. That of Mourinho's Roma is a real feat, something extraordinary. And for Fiorentina it is a historic goal: thanks to the Italian and Commisso, as well as to the boys».

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