Formula 1 restarts in Monaco: first thought, Emilia Romagna

Formula 1 restarts in Monaco: first thought, Emilia Romagna

Just a week ago, Formula 1 experienced one of the saddest pages in its history: the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which was to celebrate its fourth edition, after twenty-six named after San Marino. The number four is considered unlucky mainly in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan, but in this case bad luck hit Italy - with an exceptional flood event - however ending on the perhaps not auspicious seventeenth day of the month.

In the principality, on the other hand, it will be the eightieth time for the top automotive series. Everything seems to have returned to normal and the weather is typical of the season, mild and pleasant, as per the best and most frequent tradition: the fear seems to have ended but a widespread bitterness remains at every level. The absence of the last GP has left a deep mark on the mood and hearts of the insiders and the best-known Italians present in Prince Ranieri's Paddock offer a clear testimony of this.

«My first thought goes to the people who have lost their lives, to those who have lost their homes, to those who have lost their jobs, to companies that have gone into crisis, to the agriculture of an extraordinary land. We are convinced, however, that Emilia Romagna will recover soon: it is a land of industrious and valiant people. I think the grand prix will be recovered in 2026, but first it is important to think about restarting all the production mechanisms, which are fundamental not only for that region but for all of Italy», explains Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of ACI.

Bad weather, Imola racetrack invaded by water and mud

Even in the Ferrari house, the displeasure is boundless, starting with the iconic Piero Ferrari: «I can only be extremely sorry for what happened to the people of my region. And I can hardly believe the extent of the damage: I never expected to see water at those levels despite the proximity of the river. A real blow to the heart: on the other hand my emotional bond with this circuit - which is also dedicated to my brother Dino - is very strong also because it was my father who brought Formula 1 to us».

In addition to the closeness of thought, this week there was also concrete solidarity from the world of motorsport for the people of Emilia Romagna. Ferrari and Liberty Media - the organizer of Formula 1 - were among the first to announce substantial donations, in both cases of 1 million Euros, which were added to important checks also from companies linked to engines such as Aprilia, Sparkling Lamborghini and Ferrari.

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