Footballer attacks the referee, then commits suicide: tragedy in Argentina -

Footballer attacks the referee, then commits suicide: tragedy in Argentina -

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Alexander Williams Tapn, amateur footballer, punches and kicks a referee. Reported for attempted murder, he commits suicide. He leaves behind a wife and two small children

was found dead on Monday evening, an amateur footballer who had attacked the referee and who feared he could receive a criminal complaint. happened in Sarand, a town just south of Buenos Aires. Alexander Williams Tapn, 24, committed suicide with a firearm near the railway not far from where he had attacked the race director, Cristian Ariel Paniagua, guilty of having warned a teammate for the second time in La Cortada Fc.

Seeing the sanction Tapn had reacted particularly violently, with two punches to the face and then a kick to the neck of the referee, who also passed out and was transported to the hospital to undergo a CT scan. Paniagua had then, around 21 yesterday local time, filed a criminal complaint against him, and those of the footballer who, being cautioned, had reacted with a shove and insults. Then the 36-year-old referee commented: Luckily I'm recovering, but he could have killed me. He didn't apologize, he just told me “I did it in the excitement of the moment”. The young man, however, had apologized to the microphones of Naza TV, a small broadcaster in the area.

Born and raised in the Agero neighborhood, also south of Buenos Aires and not far from where the assault and suicide took place, Tapn had a reputation for being problematic
or and teammates explained to the Argentine press that it was not the first case of expulsion. Around midnight between Monday and Tuesday he sent a message to his wife Agustina, who was later found dead. In addition to the woman, he writes The Nacinalso leaves behind two children, one of two years and one of seven months.

The police immediately classified the case as a suicide linked to the aggravated attempted murder charge as part of a sporting event. According to some local media, the young man's family expressed anger towards the race director.

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