flags and the Tonali-Corriere.it case

flags and the Tonali-Corriere.it case


Of Luca Gelmini

The first reaction was the shock, the fan couldn’t help feeling bad about the future captain’s farewell. Then to reflect. Betrayal has nothing to do with it, indeed with all that money Sandro does the good of the Cause

First reaction: shock. They sold us Sandro Tonali. He who is the soul of the Devil, he who made us win the Scudetto with a goal in Verona, the future captain, the new Pirlo, the Curva boy who made a career. What a terrible June for the Milan flags. Paolo Maldini was fired on the spot, and from that moment he disappeared from circulation. Ibra, the last totem of the locker room, who retires. And then the funeral of the president of the five Champions League, Silvio Berlusconi, to symbolically close an era.

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All we needed was the sale of Sandrino, who will be signed by Newcastle’s new rich in these hours. It is quoted 80 million, as if it were Steven Gerrard. They say he will fetch between 8 and 10 million euros a year in salary. Pi di Leao, figures that change your life. It’s bad news if you’re a Milan fan. Don’t ask us to be happy. Think back to Franco Baresi, he would never have accepted. Rather he would have tied himself to the gates of Milanello. So what now? Pessimism and annoyance.

Then to reflect. Great teams are born from great transfers, Aurelio De Laurentis’ Naples teaches. He looked like he was demobilizing and instead built a battleship that won the championship. Sandrino goes to the Premier League? You replace it and make a big market (get Gerry Cardinale?). It’s not about sugaring the pill. Even those who are not the managing director who counts everything right in hand understand this. By accepting a request that he could not refuse, Sandrino basically served the Cause to which he was closest. It has nothing to do with the category of betrayal that is always brought up in these cases. What if it were instead the allegory of the soldier who sacrifices himself for the country? A new flag, flying from afar and with a swollen wallet. There is a phrase that has been posted on the web that is enlightening: let’s learn detachment, not your child, he doesn’t even know you.

Right, Sandrino, after all who knows you? Learn English well and cover yourself that it rains 300 days out of 365 in Newcastle. And as for us, let’s adapt to the times we live in. We will continue to buy our children Milan shirts, of course. But with no more name on the back, let’s be smart. Let’s simply write: Flag. You save.

June 22, 2023 (change June 22, 2023 | 11:44 am)


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