F1 qualifying: today the Monaco GP 2023

F1 qualifying: today the Monaco GP 2023

Alonso in the front row alongside Verstappen. In the second row the Ferrari of Leclerc, fourth time for Ocon, then Sainz, Hamilton, Gasly, Russell, Tsunoda and Norris

Verstappen takes pole 1'11"365

Alonso he surpasses him, 1'11"449. But Verstappen is coming

Leclerc in the lead, 1'11"471

Or with in front of everyone, 1'11"553. Last 3'

Hamilton rises to third position

Verstappen in command, 1'11"654

Five minutes left for qualifying Pilots on the track for the last attempts

Seven minutes to go Alonso ahead of Sainz, Leclerc and Verstappen

Leclerc very fast, is second. It surpasses it Sainz which he carries behind Alonso's shoulders

He answers Alonsohis best time: 1'11"706

Verstappen immediately in command, 1'12"102

Q3 begins, twelve minutes to fight for pole in Montecarlo

Closed Q2 Best time of Verstappen in 1'11"908, behind him Leclerc trailing by almost two tenths, then Alonso, Russell, Hamilton, Gasly, Sainz, Ocon, Tsunoda and Norris. Eliminated Piastri, De Vries, Albon, Stroll and Bottas

Max Verstappen (afp)

Leclerc second behind Verstappen

Sainz he improves but is now eighth. Last two minutes

7' from the end: Vertappen ahead of Alonso, Gasly, Ocon, Sainz, Leclerc, Norris, Piastri, Hamilton and Bottas

Gasly rises to second position

Verstappen he is immediately the fastest (1'12"038) ahead of Alonso, Ocon, Sainz and Leclerc. 11' at the end of Q2

Q2 begins, immediately on the Leclerc track

Verstappen he was fastest in Q1. Behind him Tsunoda, Albon, Sainz, Stroll, Russell, Hamilton, Norris, Alonso, Leclerc, Ocon, Piastri, Gasly, Bottas, De Vries

Closed Q1 Out Sargeant, Magnussen, Hulkenberg, Zhou and Perez

Sainz he saves himself, he is fourth

Sainz at risk, right now it's out

Tsunoda best time, 1'12"642. Last two minutes

The fund of Red Bull

The fund of Red Bull

Leclerc he climbs back to third position almost three tenths behind Verstappen

At the moment Leclerc is 11th, Sainz 15th. There are 5 minutes to go

Alonso ahead of everyone, 1'12"886. Seven minutes to go in Q1

Albon fly but Verstappen the best time is back: 1'13"038

Qualifying resumes, 10' at the end of Q1

Qualifying will restart at 4.17pm

Red Bull's Perez on the wall, Red flag and qualifying stopped 11' from the end. Qualifications already over for the Mexican driver

Leclerc sets the fifth fastest time, 1'14"074. There are 12' left to go in Q1

Sainz very slow, it's 13th

Verstappen he is immediately the fastest, 1'13"784

Monaco GP qualifying begins Green light, Q1 is underway

On the street circuit of Montecarlo you run the Monaco GPsixth race of Formula 1 World Championship. After being the fastest in Friday's free practice, Max Verstappen - leader of the championship standings - he repeated himself also in the third session ahead of his teammate Perez and the Aston Martin's Stroll. Fourth and seventh time for Ferrari Of Sainz And Leclerc.

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