Elisabetta Canalis is back in the ring: she will fight in kickboxing

Elisabetta Canalis is back in the ring: she will fight in kickboxing

The experience as a kickboxer in the ring has not remained isolated. Elisabetta Canalis returns to fight: she will do it on Saturday at the Reggia di Venaria (near Turin) in the Night of Kick and Punch 14 – Black Tie Edition, the event of the year in the kickboxing sector. Elisabetta will challenge Angelica Donati on the distance of 3 rounds of a minute and a half with the rules of the kick light style: punches from the belt up, full body kicks, but without sinking the blows at full power because the knock out is not foreseen. Both will wear a helmet and shin guards.

“It was my teacher Angelo Valente who proposed me to enter the ring again – explains Elisabetta Canalis -. Despite a tiring year for me on an organizational level, I decided to accept, I trained a lot and I hope to improve. In any case, it will be fun and it will be an opportunity to share a new and important experience with the team with whom I have been preparing for a long time. Angelo made me discover kickboxing and guided me in exploring him. He and the whole Kick and Punch team, thanks to the passion for this discipline, manage to inspire others through rigor, sacrifice and humility."

“I train every day – comments her opponent – ​​for at least an hour and I dedicate myself above all to kickboxing techniques. The technique I do best is the side kick. I also do athletic training. I'm 24 years old and I've been practicing kickboxing for 4. When they asked me to challenge Elisabetta Canalis a month ago, I took two or three days to reflect and then I accepted. When I train, I always think that sooner or later I will play an important match. I am convinced that this is my chance to do something important”

In short, Elisabetta Canalis will find a prepared and determined opponent. All the prerequisites for attending a spectacular fight like the one last year against Rachele Muratori are there.

In the event, organized by Angelo and Marianna Valente in collaboration with the Sap Fighting Style of the lawyer Michele Briamonte and with the Reggia di Venaria, the highlight will see the Wako-Pro bantamweight world champion Luca Cecchetti (58 wins, 5 defeats ) to defend for the first time the title against the French champion Franck Giovanni Gross on the distance of 5 rounds of 3 minutes each with the rules of the K-1 style: punches, kicks and knees.

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