«Don't worry, we'll get you promoted»- Corriere.it

«Don't worry, we'll get you promoted»- Corriere.it

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Samuel Eto'o, president of his country's Football Federation, speaking to a second division team promises promotion in dispute: If I am president I owe it to you and our two friends

He has no peace Samuel Eto'o since becoming president of the Cameroonian Football Federation, while in Spain he risks ending up on trial for unpaid alimony to a daughter. always been at the center of some controversy, such as when he broke the contract, as regards the national team shirts, with the Coqs to switch to One Sport just before the World Cup in Qatar.

The summons were followed by disputes (Nkoulou was the husband of his cousin), then there was the Onana case and Eto'o was accused of his removal by a former federal official. And now? More trouble is to come. Indeed a local site, Camfootpublished the interception of a phone call last January between the former striker and Valentine Gwain, president of the Victoria Limb, second division team, promoted to lite 1 in the last season. AND Eto'o himself promises his friend to help them climb in the top flight.

You told me you would accompany me on my journey, Gwain's words, complaining about a lost game for an arbitration deemed unfavourable. Samuel's reply: You have to be calm. You appeal, we'll give you back the three points and suspend the referee. Just give me time to get back to Cameroon. Then come to my office, you can stop for a couple of days, bring your women too. But it doesn't end here: the Foukou problem, the chairman of the arbitration commission. He sent the son of the founder of Tonnerre Yaound to manage our match against them. But do you think it is possible? Eto'o's answer: No, not possible. Our club must rise to the first division, our goal. But you have to give me a hand, you can't make too much noise, you have to stay calm. If I became president of the Federation, I owe it to you and to our other two friends, the sentence that now threatens to get the former striker into trouble, capable of winning two trebles in a row with Barcelona (2009) and Inter (2010). Who defended himself: I was talking to a friend, someone who invests in football and wants to make his club one of the best in Cameroon. I just reassured him by saying that I would have done everything possible to avoid refereeing mistakes against him. Words that, at the moment, do not convince everyone.

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