Dazn, Sky, Mediaset, Amazon subscription: the costs of football on TV - Football

Dazn, Sky, Mediaset, Amazon subscription: the costs of football on TV - Football

There A league the group stage of the Champions League on 19 September. But where you will see the football on tv? And how much will it cost subscriptions? Here's a guide.

How much does the subscription to Dazn cost

Serie A programming will not change for the 2023/24 championship: all matches will be broadcast by Dazn7 exclusively and 3 co-exclusively with Sky (Saturday evening, Sunday lunchtime and Sunday at 3pm). Dazn has communicated the new prices, adjusting the monthly ones upwards and focusing strongly on the annual pass already used by other platforms: by paying the subscription in a single solution, the user can keep costs under control. The platform's goal is also to discourage subscribers from leaving during the summer months, when the league is at a standstill and programming is reduced. As always, there are two subscription formulas for football: Standard and Plus.


The Dazn Standard subscription allows you to register up to 6 devices and watch matches on 2 devices at the same time only if connected to the same Internet network. For example, two people in the family connected to the home Wi-Fi network watch Dazn content in two different rooms.

How much does the Dazn Standard subscription cost? The annual pass costs 299 euros in a single solution for 12 months (the equivalent of 24.91 euros per month). The annual plan with payment in 12 monthly installments costs 30.99 euros per month. Finally, the monthly plan costs 40.99 euros: there are no permanence restrictions.

The Dazn Plus subscription allows you to register up to 7 devices and, above all, to see the events on two devices connected to different networks.

How much does the Dazn Plus subscription cost? The annual pass costs 449 euros (the equivalent of 37.41 euros per month) to be paid in a single solution. The annual plan but with monthly installments costs 45.99 euros per month for 12 months. The monthly plan, with no permanence constraints, 55.99 euros per month.

What can you see with the Dazn subscription? The Dazn Standard package and the Dazn Plus package include all Serie A and all Serie B, the Spanish Liga, the Europa League, the best of the Conference League, the Women's Champions League, the Fa Cup and the Carabao Cup. The bouquet includes basketball Serie A, the Euroleague, the Eurocup, the NFL, great boxing, the UFC and the best of international fighting, as well as the Eurosport HD 1 and HD 2 channels with tennis, cycling, volleyball, athletics .

There is also a subscription Dazn Start which only includes basketball, the NFL and other sports (and the women's Champions League): it costs 89.99 euros with the annual pass, or 9.99 euros a month for a year with installment payment, or 13.99 euros for a month without restrictions.

How much does a Sky subscription cost?

Like last year, Sky will have three Serie A matches on a co-exclusive basis, but will broadcast the Champions League (exclusively) and the other European Cups. While awaiting the new offers, pay-TV currently offers Sky Q with SkyTv+Calcio for €14.90 a month for 18 months (and then for €30 a month) to watch the three Serie A matches, all of Serie B and foreign football with the Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. With the Sky Tv+Calcio+Sport formula, you can add the Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, plus F1, MotoGp, Nba, the ATP tennis tournaments and Wimbledon: total cost 44.70 euros per month.

How much does the subscription to Now

Sky's sports offer can also be viewed in streaming on Now: 9.99 euros per month with a minimum stay of one year, or 9.99 euros the first month and then 14.99 euros per month thereafter, with no permanence constraints.

The Champions on Mediaset: how much it costs

The Champions League, as well as on Sky and on Now, will be visible in streaming on Mediaset Infinity+ at a cost of 7.99 euros per month with no permanence constraints (or 39 euros total for 6 months, or 69 euros for a year). The package includes 121 games, as for Sky: all except those exclusive to Amazon. With the Infinity Plus account, up to 4 devices can be associated at the same time (9 over the course of a year) and 2 devices can be connected at the same time.

How much does the Amazon membership cost for the Champions League

Amazon Prime Videos will also broadcast 16 Champions League matches exclusively this year: the best match on Wednesday, which will not be visible on other channels. To see the Champions League on Amazon, you need a Prime Video subscription which costs 49.99 euros with an annual payment.

Tim Vision's offer for Serie A and the Champions League

Tim Vision has launched an offer of 19.99 euros per month until December, then 29.99 euros per month, which includes a subscription to Dazn and Mediaset Infinity and therefore allows you to watch Serie A, Europa League and Conference League (on Dazn) and Champions (on Mediaset Infinity) except for Amazon matches.

What is the cheapest offer for football on TV?

Premise: for all the possible combinations, it should be remembered that Amazon's exclusive matches are not available elsewhere, therefore it is necessary to add 49.99 euros for a year for Prime Video.

With the Tim Vision offer, you can spend around 310 euros for a year and watch Serie A and the Champions League with Dazn and Mediaset: adding the cost of Amazon, you get to 370 euros a year. There is an additional option valid only for new Tim Vision customers with a Tim landline: six months free of Amazon Prime.

With Dazn, the cheapest offer is the 299 euro pass for one year with a Standard subscription (without the possibility of sharing it away from home). The Champions League remains out: it can be added with Mediaset Infinity (with the annual pass of 69 euros, total of 368 euros) or with Now for around 120 euros a year (total 419 euros). This second hypothesis includes the Premier League and all Sky sports. Here too, as mentioned, the Prime Video subscription should be added to complete the Champions League bouquet.

The strong point of Sky, in addition to the Champions League, is the exclusivity on the Premier, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 (the Liga is on Dazn) as well as the possibility of using a second device away from home with Sky Go. But to see the 7 missing Serie A matches, you necessarily need to subscribe to a Dazn subscription. The Dazn channel can also be added to the Sky remote control by paying an additional 5 euros per month.

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