Cozzoli (Sport and Health): "Piazza di Siena does not end today, but lives in anticipation of next year"

Cozzoli (Sport and Health): "Piazza di Siena does not end today, but lives in anticipation of next year"

It's the last day of the 90th edition of Siena squarebut for the president and CEO of Sports and Health, Vito Cozzoli, the commitment to Villa Borghese does not end here. "From tomorrow Piazza di Siena will live in anticipation of next year. I have to say thank you because we are part of a very important sporting event, in an unrivaled setting. A park that is part of the unique history of one of the capital cities of the world. We are protagonists , and this is the privilege: horses, athletes, the public, the Municipality of Rome, the Superintendence, the sponsors, the team that works for Sport and Health. Every year we try to do more, the best possible to make this event even more beautiful" .

Cozzoli then underlines that "for us the event continues tomorrow, the show remains intact. The legacy of sporting events is as important as the event itself, we want to leave traces of what has been achieved here in Piazza di Siena. A winning sporting model which combines greenery, sustainability, inclusion, sport, the excellence of Made in Italy, gratuity. A result to which the sporting one has been added, Italy's second place in the Nations Cup. From tomorrow everyone will have the opportunity to walk on a lawn without borders, 3,500 square meters".

The redevelopment of the area is therefore linked to the sporting event. "We feel like the moral custodians of Piazza di Siena: from the Valle dei Platani to via Pinciana, we are working with the Municipality of Rome for a registry of trees. The care of greenery goes hand in hand with the care of beauty. This year, through the restoration, we have returned the Acqua Felice Exhibition to the city: I repeat that Sport and Health is here 365 days a year beyond the horse show".

From tomorrow, therefore, we think of 2024: "The future is to consolidate what we have conquered, making it structural. We will continue to work for the further redevelopment of the entire area. The Minister of Sport Abodi has launched the theme of enhancing Villa Borghese We are all in love with this place, just as we are in love with the Foro Italico, in a few days we will be in love with Colle Oppio, home of the Skate World Championships. This is the triangle of sporting beauty that Rome offers the world".

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