Corepla: the recycling tour starts again from Messina

Corepla: the recycling tour starts again from Messina

The 2023 edition of Italia in Cornice started today, the campaign created by Corepla, the National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging, to raise citizens' awareness of the good practices to be undertaken so that plastic packaging are correctly recovered and transformed into new resources for the territory. Protagonist of the first stage of the tour, southern Italy.

In fact, Corepla has chosen the suggestive scenario of Messina, supporting the commitment of one of the most virtuous Municipalities of the Region in terms of sustainability, with the installation in the European Union square, in front of the Municipality, of an artistic work: a recycled plastic frame aimed at celebrating the most beautiful views of our country and therefore the need to protect it. Together with the frame, two panels were installed, created by the artist Ale Giorgini, containing QR codes: real 'QR Art' to give advice and information, in Italian and English, and contribute to the well-being of the community.

Furthermore, in support of the activity, Corepla reinforces the message through the distribution of information materials useful for the correct delivery of plastic packaging to citizens and the many tourists who land in Messina this season. The aim of the initiative is to kick off a real awareness on the part of citizens which leads to a greater quantity and quality of the collection of plastic packaging, and focuses attention on the opportunities for recycling plastic, a resource precious and versatile capable of constantly being reborn from itself if correctly collected and recovered.

"Our country - declares the president of Corepla, Giovanni Cassuti - known to all for its natural glimpses and suggestive landscapes, also reserves other qualities that deserve to be 'framed'. Let's talk about the results relating to collection and recycling that lead Italy to be a European excellence in the field of sustainable management of plastic packaging, the result of the commitment of citizens, institutions and the daily work of Corepla, a supply chain that has produced extraordinary results over the last 25 years. is to offer citizens all the necessary tools to stimulate them to a lasting and shared culture of sustainability, confident of leaving a permanent and rooted mark in the territory and creating value for the entire community. We are therefore happy that this message comes from Messina", he concludes John Cassuti.

"It is a source of pride to find ourselves in this square to launch Italia in Cornice which starts this year from the city of Messina as an expression of a virtuous municipality on the issue of waste. I would like to remind you - highlights the mayor Federico Basile - that our strategic vision targeted, conducted in synergy with the Messinaservizi Bene Comune, has made it possible from 2019 onwards to achieve 55% of separate waste collection, a result that has allowed Messina to be the first metropolitan city in Southern Italy to have the 'door to door' service ' extended throughout the urban area. Thanks go to Corepla for the important awareness campaign shared by this Administration which works to promote the culture of eco-sustainable development through the involvement above all of our school population in environmental education and training initiatives necessary for the social and cultural growth of the city". Starting from Procida in 2022, the itinerant campaign of Corepla thus continues its journey throughout Italy crossing some of the most famous municipalities in Italy.

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